Ants can become a big problem in your home if you aren’t careful. They’re the type of insect that sticks together in large numbers, forms large nests, travels in formations and signals to others.

When you’re noticing random ants in your Alexandria home, it’s crucial that you learn exactly what’s going on. This way, you can take the right steps toward getting rid of the ants.

Read on to learn why you’re seeing carpenter ants or any other random ants in your house.

Reasons You’re Seeing Random Ants in Your Household

The insecticide market alone is worth more than $19 billion, so there is no shortage of solutions for your ant problem. However, you’ll have a better idea of what remedy is necessary when you first understand why ants inhabit your home.

Here are the main reasons:

1. There’s a Nest Close to Your Home

If ants build a nest close to your home, it’s very likely that you are a few steps away from dealing with an infestation. Carpenter ants especially gravitate toward rotting or damp wood, so if you have piles or stumps close to your home, you could soon run to an ant problem inside.

This is why outdoor protection is just as critical as internal pest control.

Make sure that any exterminator that you do business with knows how to administer these treatments.

2. Food Sources are Exposed

Ants usually infest homes when they are looking for food. They’ll send a few scouts out, and the scouts will send word through their antennae that your home is suitable for them to set up shop.

Before you know it, ants will flock to your home in droves and begin setting up nests.

The main way to avoid this is by closing up any open food sources, washing your dishes and keeping your kitchen as clean as possible. When you don’t give your ants any means of sustenance, they won’t nest inside your house.

3. The Seasons Have Changed and Your Home Isn’t Sealed

Scout ants also tend to make their way indoors during changes in weather and seasons. You can prevent this by having your home sealed.

A home contractor can look into cracks and other areas of your home that might leave you open to an ant infestation. When ants don’t have a point of entry, they also won’t be able to build a nest.

Learning how to identify household ants is an important part of the strategy so that you can then get the remedies that you need. Have a pest control shop help to identify the type of ant and the source of entry whenever they conduct an inspection.

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants and Other Random Ants

Whether you have carpenter ants, black ants or any other types of ants in the house, you need to recognize the signs and the reasons. Starting with these suggestions will help you keep your ant issues under control.

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