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We are uniquely focused on providing our clients with the very best in professional termite treatment while reducing the overall impact on the environment.  We serve Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia with termite inspection, termite prevention and termite elimination. 

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Termites silently cause devastating damage to a home.  Our termite treatment hits them hard to guarantee their elimination. In this video Gene explains the Planet Friendly Pest Control termite exterminator methods that eliminate termite colonies around your home. Understanding the threat that termites pose to your home helps in making decisions about protection and treatment.

How to Get Rid of Termites
Transcript of Gene’s video:

Hi. Gene, here. I’d like to invite you to take a few minutes with me so we can talk about the eastern subterranean termite. What exactly is the threat? Who’s at risk? How serious is the risk and what can be done about the termite problem?

Meet Reticulitermes flavipes, the eastern subterranean termite. To date, this is the only species of termite we have in our area.

As their name suggests, these termites live underground and they enter our homes from underneath. This makes them silent destroyers. The worker termite is the termite that causes the damage. They are blind and will die of dehydration if exposed to air. When they leave the protection of the ground they use their waste to build protective shelter tubes.

This is one of the few visible signs that termites are present. Annually, these termites cause more structural damage than tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and fires combined, over $2.5 billion of damage each year. Often, the only way a person finds out they have termites is the damage becomes apparent.

The food source for termites is the cellulose in wood. Termites are always foraging for new food sources. Once a food source is located, the entire colony is alerted and a focused effort begins to harvest the food. As I mentioned earlier, often the only time a person realizes they have termites is when damage becomes evident. Sometimes that damage is devastating to a home.

Any structure is at risk for eastern subterranean termites. It does not matter if it’s a wooden box, a shed, a doghouse or your home. At some point, that structure is going to be found by termites and it’s going to be an issue.

You know, over the last 25 years I’ve really only seen three types of houses, houses that have already had termites, houses that currently have termites and houses that are going to have termites. As you consider termite protection options for your home, I highly recommend to take a few minutes, go online and look up eastern subterranean termites, read a little bit about the insect itself, understand some of the treatment options that are out there. There’s a ton of information-  this will go a long way to helping you make the best decision for you and your family.

Over the decades we have used a lot of termiticide products, we have chosen Termidor to be our liquid termite treatment of choice. Termidor is a liquid it is injected in the ground all the way around the home, the termites have no idea it’s there.

They travel through it and as they’re traveling through it, they get it on them. The Termidor takes 24 to 72 hours to kill the termite and that’s by design. We want the termite to stay alive long enough, to touch everybody, spread it around and ultimately wipe out the entire termite colony. This is called the transfer effect;  it is very, very effective.

For our customers who want 24/7 year-round protection from termites, we install the Trelona system. We have chosen this baiting system for three reasons. Number one, it is the least expensive to install, number two it has enough termiticide in the station to last an entire year and it only has to be serviced once a year and number three, it absolutely works. It starts killing termites from day one and it just goes and goes and goes.

A lot of the competing systems to this station are more expensive to install and they have to be serviced four times a year which greatly increases the cost to the customer. Because this starts killing termites from day one, it has enough termiticide in the station to last an entire year and it’s the lowest cost to the customer, this is our go-to bait station system.

Termite Treatment Pricing

Termite control pricing is based on the linear foot of the home’s foundation.  Below are pricing examples based on a foundation with 240 linear feet.

Termidor Treatment (based on a 240 linear ft foundation) starting at $1,920.
Annual re-treatment warranty renewal and inspection $225

Trelona Active Baiting System (based on a 240 linear ft foundation) $1,683.
Annual Inspection and station service  $657

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Termite control is not something you can delay.  Call us at 800-990-0335 if you live in Southern Maryland ( Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, Calvert or Charles County) or Northern Virginia ( Alexandria, Arlington, Annandale, McLean and more ) and suspect a termite problem.

Been using them for years now. They're honest, professional, and efficient. I refuse to hire anyone else.

Kareem D.

BEST I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! Friendly, respectful, and prompt with great customer service! I ask for some urgent help with a wasp issue, they made time in their schedule to help me despite it not being a normal work day. I understand this is a big ask for a company to bring someone in on their day off, and I thank you very much for such prompt service. The pests continued to show up for a couple of days, it was due to a nest I didn't know existed. After I found a new nest in an out building, they were able to come back in less than 36 hours to treat the new found nest. Since, every morning I have found a dead bug on the porch. This company knows their stuff and their formula works great and continues to work! It is similar to the formula used for flea and tick medications for pets. So after it dries it is safe for your pets to be around too!


Protect your loved ones with termite treatment

Termidor Liquid Termite Treatment for Termite Control

Planet Friendly Pest Control has chosen Termidor as its liquid termite elimination product. Termidor has consistently proven itself to be the fastest and most effective at eliminating termites both in and around structures.

After Termidor is applied, termites that contact it transfer it to every other termite they contact in a unique process called the “Transfer Effect.” Because Termidor is engineered to be slow acting, termites have ample time to spread it throughout their entire termite population. Once again, the Planet Friendly Pest Control termite treatment is protecting home owners in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia. Our clients experience some of the best termite treatment protection available within the industry.

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Trelona Active Termite Baiting System for Lifelong Termite Control

With the Planet Friendly Pest Control Trelona Active Termite Baiting Program, baiting stations are strategically installed around your home.

Unlike traditional baiting systems, the Trelona bait goes into the station immediately which makes it a very effective “year-round” termite treatment option. Since there is no need for a preliminary monitoring period, protection from destructive termites begins right away. With Planet Friendly Pest Control home owners experience some of the best termite protection available within the industry.

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FAQs about Termite Treatment, Termite Control and Termite Prevention

If your questions are not answered here, please contact Gene by phone or email.


Why do you have two termite treatment options, liquid and baiting station?

We maintain both treatment options because some customers prefer one over the other.  If a structure has an active termite infestation, we recommend using the liquid treatment.  The liquid treatment will eliminate the termite colony very fast.

The baiting stations provide a more of a permanent year-round protection.  Customers like to install the baiting stations, so they know they are protected.

You can learn more about the two treatment choices by watching our short termite video.


How long does the liquid termite control last?

Under ideal conditions the liquid treatment can last up to 10 years.

 It depends on various environmental and structural conditions.  Ground water, property management and construction activities can have an impact on the treatment. If down spouts are dumping water against the foundation or there is negative grade where rainwater collects against the foundation this will shorten the life of the treatment.  If the homeowner stores firewood against the house this will impact the results of the treatment.  If there is any construction or groundwork that removes the treated soil, this will have an impact on the treatment.


Is the termite treatment safe for my family and pets?



How come you don’t treat for termites every year when you do the warranty renewal inspection?

It is not necessary to treat for termites every year.  If your home has had our liquid treatment, we will inspect the structure yearly as part of the warranty program.


Do I have to pay for future treatments?

If there is need for any re-treatment and the structure is under warranty, there is no charge for future treatments.


What is your termite warranty?

Our termite warranty is a re-treatment warranty. We guarantee we will eliminate the termite colony for the cost of the treatment.