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Our Green Pest Control Services Give You a Bug Free Home.

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We use green pest control practices to give you a bug free home. We are environmentally responsible and mindful of children and pet safety.  We have always served local Maryland and Virginia home owners; our eco friendly pest control is designed with our knowledge of local weather and the habits of local pests in mind.

Spend a few minutes and watch this overview of our Perimeter Protection Service.  Talk to Gene about our eco friendly pest control for your home.

Share 60 seconds with Gene as he visits a client’s Monarch Butterfly garden.  Our Planet Friendly Pest Control Methods work. We keep unwanted pests out of your home while protecting beneficial insects like butterflies and honey bees.

Benefits of Green Pest Control

Well, we’re back on the property and I wanted to quickly share with you an example of one of the benefits of our planet-friendly pest control methods.

Today is August 26, and this house has already had two perimeter treatments, two tick treatments, and it’s already had two what we call bee-friendly barrier treatments on the shrubbery. Right here in front of me is a milkweed garden and on it is one of the most favorite insects that this client tries to propagate, which is the monarch butterfly.

There are dozens and dozens of very healthy monarch butterfly caterpillars here. It’s actually very exciting to come back and check all this out and see how healthy this environment is. This client also has lots of other butterflies in many gardens around the home, but their very favorite one is the monarch butterfly.

You know, it is so satisfying to come back to the property and see a healthy population of monarch caterpillars like this, you know, right in a transition zone where we do treatments. Here in a little bit we’re going to see more monarch butterflies. Very, very exciting. I hope you guys have a great rest of your summer. Take care and I’ll see you in the fall.

I've been using Planet Friendly for almost two years now and would highly recommend them. Great customer service and their products are very effective and affordable.

Jackie L.

I highly recommend using Planet Friendly Pest Control. Making an appointment is seamless and the service technicians are punctual. I am very please with the overall services. The product works great. I am a customer who have dogs and have not seen any negative side effects from the products, I have been using this company now for two summers.

Chris B.

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How we make your home bug-free

Our Low-Impact Perimeter Protection Plan gives you a bug free home by keeping pests outside– where they belong. An affordable solution which uses a minimal amount of pest control product, the service consists of only three exterior treatments per year. Better for you, your family and the environment.

We offer a Spring, Summer and Fall treatment that focuses on ants, spiders and over 40+ other home invading pests. This treatment is specific to crawling insects and wasp nests that are attached to the home.

What you get with the service

With each treatment you get a full inspection of your home and landscape. We also remove exterior spider webs from the house. If there are any issues, we will create a written report for you.

Your customer benefits

  • Your online account will allow you to manage payments and review your inspection reports and treatment history.
  • You do NOT have to sign a yearly service agreement. Our philosophy is if we do good work, customers will stay.
  • You do not have to pre-pay for service. We invoice after each service is complete. You can mail in a check or you can pay online.


Get started with your green pest control today!

We had a mild winter; keep your home bug free with a phone call.  Call us at 800-990-0335 if you live in Southern Maryland ( Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, Calvert or Charles County) or Northern Virginia ( Alexandria, Arlington, Annandale, McLean and more ) .  Cost is $135 per treatment.  

Some of Our Thoughts on Green Pest Control

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Questions on Green Pest Control


What product do you use?

We use various products depending on the need at hand.  Our go-to exterior product has the same active ingredient that many common tick and flea products use for dogs and cats.  Insects have no idea the product is there,  they travel through it and they’re done.

It goes on as a liquid. We use calibrated equipment and apply it specifically where we want it to go. We apply it 12 inches up and out from the foundation, around first floor windows and door stoops.  Once dry you won’t know that it is there.


Is your product people and pet safe?



How often do I need a pest control treatment?

Three times a year.  Over the decades we have found that a Spring, Summer and Fall application of product typically maintains the home bug-free all year.  There are occasions where a specific issue will arise which may require additional treatment of some kind. We handle those on a case by case basis.


What is the cost?

The current perimeter treatment price is $135 per treatment.


What insects does the treatment work for?

Any insect that comes into contact with the product. This treatment focuses on crawling insects primarily.  The perimeter treatment will also cover wasp nests that are attached to the house or deck.


I just had my treatment and I still see wasps around my deck?

Keep in mind this treatment is a perimeter treatment that is applied around the base of the home. An insect must touch the product to be eliminated.  If you continue to wasps please call the office, you may have a nest nearby that needs treatment.