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Signs You Have an Ant Infestation in Falls Church, VA

ant infestation in Falls Church

Ants are one of the most common types of insects that you can find in your garden. In fact, there are almost 1,000 different types of ants in the US.

While ants fulfill an important role in your garden’s ecosystem, they are an unwelcome presence inside your home. Ants can quickly get into your food, cause structural damage to your windows, doors, and floors, and generally be a nuisance.

Fortunately, you can take care of an ant problem pretty quickly if you’re able to spot it before it manages to spread. Keep reading to find out some of the most common warning signs associated with an ant infestation.

Ant Infestations Will Leave Live Ants Around Your Food

Like all animals, ants will seek out food in your home. This means that there are a few key areas that you can inspect for the presence of ants.

Check your pantry and anywhere else you store food, as well as around your garbage or compost bins. If you have pet food left out throughout the day, it can be affected as well.

Make sure that you store leftovers in airtight containers, and that you only feed your pets at certain times of the day, to prevent the presence of ants in the future. You’ll also want to empty the garbage and compost regularly throughout the week to prevent ants from being attracted by rotting food.

The presence of ants or other insects there indicates that you do have a pest problem that needs to be dealt with by a professional.

You’ll Also Spot Trails of Ants In Your Home

Ants will lay down a pheromone to tell other ants where they can find food and water. This means that you may be able to spot lines of ants marching throughout your home.

This doesn’t mean that a colony has set up in your home, however. They are just as likely to be bringing food from inside your house to the outdoors.

If you follow the line, you’ll be able to find the source of the ants. It could be a crack in your foundation or a damaged window frame, but it also could not be obvious at first glance. Getting a professional to come in can help you identify what type of ant infestation you have, what’s letting them into your home, and what your next steps should be.

Ants May Make Noises In Your Wails

While ants are small, a large population of them can create quite a noticeable amount of noise in your home.

Carpenter ants are a particular type of ant that tunnel through moisture-damaged wood. They are nocturnal, which means that you will likely only hear them at night.

Carpenter ants can cause a significant amount of structural damage to your home. You’ll likely spot wood shavings around your house if you have carpenter ants in addition to the noise. Carpenter ants are also larger than most other common household ants, reaching up to half an inch long.

Always Talk to a Professional

Ant infestations are not solvable by yourself. Ant traps and other DIY methods will work against a few individual ants, but not a whole colony. For large ant populations, you need a professional’s services.

If you’re in the Falls Church area, feel free to reach out to us about any ant or pest problems you may have! Our team of highly experienced pest control specialists can restore your home to its previous pest-free state.

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What Are the Best Things to Do in Falls Church, VA?

things to do in falls church va

Historic landmarks? Check. Beautiful wildlife? Check.

Vibrant downtown restaurants and pubs? Check. Sounds like Falls Church, Virginia, has everything you’re looking for!

Falls Church received its name from The Falls Church in England. The town has vast amounts of history and plenty of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.

With so much to choose from, it can be tricky to figure out how to spend a few days in this beautiful northern Virginia city. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top things to do in Falls Church, VA.

The Top Things to Do in Falls Church, Va

Falls Church, Virginia, is a place for people to relax, unwind, and learn.

From historic preservations to local brewpubs, there’s never a dull moment in beautiful Falls Church.

1. Head to the Eden Center

The Eden Center is the East Coast’s largest Vietnamese commercial shopping center. It’s a massive strip mall that houses over 120 shops, restaurants, and businesses. It’s a top tourist attraction for the city.

What can you find strolling through the Eden Center? The plaza offers some of the best pho restaurants in Virginia. You may also stumble upon a variety of jewelry shops, beauty supply stores, cafes and lounge areas, and spas.

2. Check Out Cherry Hill Farmhouse

If you’re looking for a place rich in history, take a tour of Cherry Hill Farmhouse. The house was built in 1845 and has had a variety of wealthy owners. The farmhouse was part of a pre-revolutionary war plantation and was involved in the Civil War.

In 1956, it was taken over by the city of Falls Church and turned into a museum for visitors to experience. The site is a Virginia historic landmark. Since Virginia is for lovers, some couples transform the farmhouse into a gorgeous venue for their wedding day.

Visitors can explore the beautiful Greek revival architecture of the home. All of the furniture are 18th and 19th-century antiques and tools. Children can experience what life was like in the 19th century by dressing up in old-fashioned clothing and grinding corn in the barn.

3. Enjoy Locally Crafted Cocktails

If you’re looking for a delicious drink, you’re sure to find it in downtown Falls Church.

Head over to Audacious Aleworks and try over 20 locally brewed beers with complimentary popcorn. Or stop by Settle Down Easy Brewing Company and explore Virginia’s newest nano brewing company.

If beer isn’t what you’re craving, try Falls Church Distillers, a local award-winning distillery. This family-run business is a Falls Church staple. They offer food and drink specials daily as well as open mic nights, karaoke, and distillery tours.

4. Stroll Through Roundtree Park

Are you looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors while taking in the beautiful Virginia landscape? If your answer is yes, head over to Roundtree Park.

Roundtree Park offers tennis and basketball courts, softball and soccer fields, a playground, and public restrooms. There are a variety of hiking and nature trails to explore with wooded picnic areas. The park also has a sheltered area that can be rented out for parties and gatherings.

Roundtree Park is an ideal place to enjoy local wildlife during the spring, summer, and fall. If you visit in the summer, be sure to bring your bug spray as mosquitos love Virginia just as much as you!

Ready to Head to Falls Church, Virginia?

With so many things to do in Falls Church, VA, you better start planning your trip now! Just be warned that once you arrive, you may not want to leave!

If you live in or around Falls Church, keep Planet Friendly Pest Control in mind. We are a locally owned and operated pest exterminator here to provide our clients with top-notch services. Best of all, we are 100% eco-friendly.

To learn more about Planet Friendly Pest Control, contact our team now. We’re happy to help Falls Church, Virginia, residents with their extermination needs.