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How to Prevent Tick Bites When You’re Outside in Springfield

Tick bites aren’t just annoying. They can turn into serious health concerns. Here’s how to prevent tick bites when you’re outside in Springfield, VA. No matter what season it is, it’s important to know how to prevent tick bites. In fact, reported tickborne illnesses increased to 59,349 in 2017 alone. Ticks are not harmless pests. They contribute to the spread of harmful, even deadly, diseases. Some of these diseases include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, ehrlichiosis, and Lyme disease.

The key to avoiding these illnesses is to avoid ticks. Check out the guide below to see how you can avoid tick bites when outside in Springfield.

Where Do They Live?

One of the best ways to prevent tick bites is to know how they think. That means knowing where they live. You need to anticipate your enemy.

Most ticks, like the blacklegged tick, live in forested and wooded areas. They can also just live in grass or bushes. They are essentially widespread throughout the United States.

Common activities may put you in contact with ticks often. When doing things like gardening, walking your pets, hunting, or camping, except that ticks are around.

Black Legged Tick

Ixodes scapularis – The Black Legged or Deer Tick Outdoor protection is a must. The black legged tick is the main vector for transmitting Lyme to humans.

Wearing the Right Gear

Wearing the right clothing is crucial to preventing tick bites. Most people know about wearing high socks and long pants, but there is even more you can do. Not only should you wear high socks and long pants, but tuck your pants into your socks. This limits your exposure even more. Make sure to stick to the middle of the trail and avoid contact with brush. Don’t forget to tie your hair up and protect your scalp with a hat. Brushing up against a tree could cause a tick to attach itself to your head. You can also wear white or light clothing to make ticks more visible if they get on you. Ticks especially love the dark, moist areas of the body, so keep an eye out for your armpits, groin, and bra line.

Using the Right Products

Even wearing all the right gear may not be enough. It’s a good idea to treat your clothes with insect repellant before you go out. You can put repellant on your exposed areas of skin, as well as all over your clothes. You may even want to use multiple types of repellants. For your own health, try to choose brands that are non-toxic.

When You Return

What you do when you return is just as important as before you leave for while you’re outside. Make sure to check your entire body and all your clothes for ticks. Taking a nice, hot shower soon after your return is another way to prevent disease.

More Tips on How to Prevent Tick Bites

Knowing how to prevent tick bites is as simple as following the steps above. Unfortunately, even with all the right measures, tick bites can still occur. In that case, it’s essential to know how to treat them. If you are having to deal with ticks right in your yard and property you can also take advantage of our outdoor protection services to eradicate them.

The Top 10 Things to Do in Springfield, VA

things to do in springfield va

In this article, we’ll look at things to do in Springfield, VA. But first, we need to identify where Springfield is located.

Springfield is a census-designated place (CDP) in Fairfax County, Virginia–which lies southwest of Washington, DC.

Between Washington and Springfield are the cities of Arlington and Alexandria in Arlington County. Both cities border the Potomac River, which separates Virginia from Maryland and the District of Columbia.

With the growth of the U.S. Capital Region and the accompanying housing costs, the suburbs and exurbs have extended far and wide, making Springfield a definite part of the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Things to Do in Springfield, VA

Much of Springfield is occupied by malls, office parks, and condo developments. However, there are some things to see, do, and taste that really shouldn’t be missed when you visit.

1. Hidden Pond Park

Described as “undisturbed woodland, quiet trails, splashing streams, and a tranquil pond,” this park area is very popular for field trips, celebrations, and simply as a nearby retreat from suburban life.

2. Lake Accotink Park

This park offers even more of an escape from the strip malls and traffic (even though the Beltway is within a mile of it). It boasts 493 acres of natural resources, with abundant opportunities for outdoor activities.

3. St. Bernadette Catholic Church

This architecturally unique place of worship is certainly worth a brief stop while touring the Springfield area.

4. Springfield Town Center

This is a mall with a wide array of higher-end stores and restaurants. It also hosts the local farmers market on Saturdays. If you love to shop, this would be a place for you to visit!

5. Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Are you into zip-lining, tree-to-tree crossings, and Tarzan swings? This is part of a high-adventure chain with locations throughout the U.S. You should try it in Springfield, VA first, though.

6. Fiesta de Navidad Boricua

This mid-December event, held at the Burke Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department Hall, would add something different and special to your Springfield visit. It’s an authentic Puerto Rican Christmas celebration.

7. Eleni’s Greek Taverna

The menu says it all! If you like Greek food and culture (but can’t get to Greece itself right now), this is the place for you. Check it out and say “Kalispera” for us!

8. Afghan Bistro

And speaking of international dining opportunities in Springfield… Take a look at this food! We believe this is a place not to miss!

9. Le Bledo Bakery and Cafe

Some of us have been said to search high and low for Vietnamese spring rolls or báhn mi. We may have found nirvana here. What a menu!

10. Washington, DC

We must conclude by pointing out that perhaps the most significant of the things to do in Springfield, VA is staying in a reasonably-priced hotel there and taking public transit into the city to see the sites.

If you’ve never taken a private guided tour of the nation’s capital, that’s certainly worth considering while you’re in Springfield, VA.

And when you’re visiting Springfield, VA, we hope you’ll remember the fine pest control services we provide in Northern Virginia, especially our planet-friendly pest control practices. Perhaps you will need our services someday.