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Mosquito Control

How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes – Without Contaminating Your Entire Yard

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How to Get Rid of Mosquitos Video Transcript
Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, they can spread horrible disease as well.

Hi, Gene here. Our mosquito control program was developed by a company based in the Netherlands called In2Care. This program is very specific to container breeding mosquitoes, which are the main species of mosquitoes that spread disease.

When we show up at your property to do the mosquito program, we do not spray pesticide all over your property. Our program is very specific. We target just mosquitoes, we deny breeding areas, we kill the larva mosquito, we kill the adult mosquito, and the nice thing about it is we actually use the mosquito itself to do this. Allow me to explain.

How the Mosquito Treatment Works

As an insect flies through the air, its wing movement creates a positive electrostatic charge on the insect. Pollen, for example, has a negative charge. When a bee lands on a flower, this difference in electrical charge helps the pollen stick to the bee’s body. Additionally, as a mosquito flies through the air, it also creates a positive electrostatic charge on its body. Here’s an animation that explains how the trap works.

The In2Care Trap targets mosquitoes that are ready to lay their eggs. The odor lure attracts Aedes mosquitoes, which can transmit Zika, dengue, and chikungunya virus, and yellow fever. Attracted by the smelly water, the mosquito enters the trap and searches a spot to settle near the water surface. The gauze on the floater is an ideal location for the insect to land. She uses the gauze to rest while laying her eggs in the water. Unknowingly, she contaminates the water with particles from the gauze. These particles were transferred to her
skin when making contact with her legs and body.

The gauze has a special coating that uses polarity to bind the mosquito-killing powders.The positive charge of the insect makes the particles transfer to her skin. Her body is contaminated with two different actives, one that slowly kills the mosquito and one that kills her larvae.

Here’s another short animation that explains how the traps will reduce mosquitoes around your home. Take a look.

Some mosquitoes are not only annoying. The Aedes mosquito can also spread dangerous diseases, like the Zika virus. This mosquito lays eggs in multiple tiny places of water that are hard to find or treat by pest management professionals. This makes it a real challenge to control this mosquito by conventional means. Unlike any other product available today, the In2Care Trap uses this unique behavior to help keep your yard mosquito-free. The mosquito is attracted to the trap. When the mosquito visits the trap, she gets contaminated with the active ingredients. When she flies out, she spreads the active ingredients to all breeding sites that she visits next, also the places that are hard to find. This will effectively knock down the mosquito population in your yard.

Pet Friendly Pest Control

This unique and precise spot treatment reduces the amount of chemicals that would normally be sprayed in your yard. It does not harm humans, pets, or beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. The In2Care Trap provides a green solution, which gives 24 hours a day protection against mosquitoes to you and your family.

Thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have any questions about mosquitoes and how we control mosquitoes around your home, don’t hesitate. Please give us a call. Thanks. See you next time.

We fight mosquitoes in two ways:

  1. Before they hatch
  2. After they hatch

Mosquito Treatment picture mode of action


Our mosquito treatment is unique in that it only kills mosquitoes and their larva! We enlist the adult mosquito to help contaminate breeding sites before she dies.

Only female mosquitoes need a blood meal. The female mosquito enters our trap and becomes contaminated with two products: One that kills her, another that kills larva in water.

Before she dies, she will visit other breeding sources and spread the larvacide there as well, killing present and future larva.

Mosquito treatment Trap in yard


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Always comes as scheduled and they let us know when it’s time to come. We never have to think of pest control. Definitely notice a difference in the amount of bugs around the perimeter but we still have bees and other “good” insects. Highly recommend.


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"Non-Toxic" Mosquito Treatments - Myth or Reality Video Transcript

Hi, Gene here. I have had many requests to do this video and with spring fast approaching, mosquito season is right around the corner; now’s a great time to talk about it. So, the question is, “When you hear someone say, ‘Non-toxic mosquito treatments’ or ‘plant-based products’ what exactly does that mean?” 

So the words non-toxic sound great, but what does that really mean? It’s important to keep in mind that in order to kill an insect, that insect must come into contact with some product that destroys its life function.

3 Questions to Ask Before Mosquito Treatment

So this “non-toxic” product that is capable of killing an insect, like a mosquito or a tick, rest assured, that same product is killing many other things. To help you navigate this “non-toxic” mosquito treatment space, here are three questions to ask so you better understand what is happening around your property.

Number 1, what is the active ingredient that is being put on the property? Number 2, how much of this product is being used and where is the product being applied? And then Number 3, what piece of equipment is being used to apply the product? I just want to show you most conventional mosquito treatments are done with a piece of equipment similar to this.

So if you see a technician show up to your property with a piece of equipment that looks like this, it’s important to understand what it does. So this is kind of like a leaf blower and this is a smaller unit, there are ones much larger than this. But what happens is the blower unit shoots, say, about a 200 to 300-mile-an-hour jet of air, there is a tank back here where the product goes; so whatever product the technician is mixing goes in this tank, the blower blasts the air just like a big heavy, high-powered leaf blower, and then this hose right here injects a stream of pesticide into the air flow.

This piece of equipment is specifically designed to create a giant cloud of pesticide that is meant to drift and float and move and cover the broadest area possible. So if a technician shows up to your home or business and this is the equipment that they pull out of the truck, just understand that whatever is in this tank is going virtually over every square inch of your property.

Pest Control Products

It’s important to understand that every product used to do a pest control treatment around your home or business must be registered with the EPA and the state’s Department of Agriculture. When the technician shows up to your home to do a treatment, when they finish, by law they are required to provide you with a written document that lists what the EPA number is for the product, the name of the product, how much of the product was used and where it was applied.

You can take this information, do a quick search on the internet, and you can better understand what products are being sprayed around your home and business. So once you understand what the active ingredients being sprayed around your home are, the next important question to understand is where are these products being applied? Many of us have barbecue areas, lounging areas, children play areas, vegetable gardens, flowers and planting beds.

It’s important to know where these products are being put so you understand what’s happening on your property. The third question to have answered is what piece of equipment is the pest control technician using to apply this product. Understanding how the product is being delivered and sprayed on your property goes a long way to helping you understand the scope of what is happening.

Well, to summarize real quick, just keep in mind and remember that if a product has the ability to kill a mosquito, kill a tick, and kill a flea, there’s certainly toxicity there for those organisms. And the question is what else may it be toxic to? So take some time, do some research, understand and enjoy, have a great year, and I’ll see you next time.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos Video Transcript

♪ [music] ♪- Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but they can become a serious health hazard to you, loved ones, and pets. So, what can we do about mosquito control around our homes? Keep watching to find out. Understand. Get informed about mosquitoes and the role you can personally play in helping.

Fighting mosquitoes truly takes the involvement of the entire community and each individual can play a role. Container breeding mosquitoes like the Asian tiger mosquito are public enemy number one. Fighting these mosquitoes is a key area that can be confronted by individual homeowners. Participate. Look, be aware, inspect your property for anything that holds water.

Low spots, improper grading, toys, planting pots, tires, plastic wrappers, clogged gutters, anything, and eliminate the water. Homeowners can play a big role in mosquito control by policing their property and eliminating mosquito breeding areas. Protect. If you go outside, you use repellent and wear protective clothing. If the mosquitoes are active, the best way to avoid bites is to stay indoors.

Mosquito Treatment

Prevent and treat. Deny mosquitoes places to breed around your home and use pesticides with caution. Pesticides do have a role in the fight against mosquitoes. However, keep in mind, airborne pesticides used against mosquitoes kill all kinds of insects, not just mosquitoes. Foggers and ultra-low volume sprays only provide temporary relief. They will not solve a mosquito problem by themselves and should be used sparingly as a last resort for a specific reason.

Read the larger conversation below for more info about this. Before they hatch. You’ll want to deny mosquitoes a place to breed like in and around permanent and temporary water sources like ponds, flooded areas, containers, and the like. A homeowner can absolutely play a role in fighting container breeding mosquitoes, specifically Aedes albopictus, the Asian tiger mosquito.

The tiger mosquito is a carrier for many mosquito-borne illnesses such as Zika and West Nile virus. The Asian tiger mosquito is not a strong flyer and it stays relatively close to where it hatched. If a homeowner sees tiger mosquitoes around their home, there’s typically a source of water within a few hundred feet. Often the water source can be on a neighbor’s property, which is why it is important to have the entire community involved.

One tarp over a woodpile behind someone’s shed or a forgotten child’s toy holding rainwater is enough to cause a mosquito problem for all the homes nearby. So, take care of it as soon as you can to prevent new swarms of mosquitoes in your area and community. After they hatch. Adulticide poisons are designed to remain in the air and drift in order to cover a large area.

By design, these insecticides are very hard to contain. In communities with dense housing i.e., houses on a quarter-acre lot or smaller, adulticide treatments can be risky. A homeowner with a high-density neighborhood hiring a pest control company to fumigate their property with adulticide every three to four weeks during working hours while pollinators are most active is unnecessarily contaminating the environment and is not solving the problem.

Can one homeowner solve the general mosquito problem? Adulticide mosquito treatment should be used rarely as a last resort for temporary relief and applied only in the evening after pollinating insects are not active. The main focus of mosquito control efforts should be on denying mosquitoes their breeding environments. Education and outreach at the family level along with the larger efforts on the municipal level can achieve better results.

Plus, this offers everyone a Planet Friendly Pest Control solution. Are you interested in exploring this route? If so, then contact us today for more info. And if you enjoyed this video, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. ♪ [music] ♪

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