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Spend six minutes with Gene as he explains the connection between ticks, mice and Lyme disease and how the Planet Friendly Pest Control tick treatment program is done. This is worth watching!


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Include your outdoor living spaces in your pest protection plan.

An outdoor pest protection plan for tick control is a must. Your yard is host to many animal visitors. Squirrels, mice, rabbits, fox, opossum, raccoon and deer are common hosts for ticks.  These parasites and pests are vectors for serious diseases that affect people and pets.

Mosquitoes are another big outdoor pest problem.  Dealing with mosquitoes is more complicated than simply spraying a pesticide. We encourage caution and prudent use of adulticide mosquito treatments. Learn more about our mosquito philosophy here.

Make sure your outdoor spaces are protected.


Black Legged Tick

Ixodes scapularis – The Black Legged or Deer Tick Outdoor protection is a must. The black legged tick is the main vector for transmitting Lyme to humans.


Aedes Albopictus – The Asian Tiger Mosquito

Aedes Albopictus – The Asian Tiger Mosquito. The Asian Tiger Mosquito is a carrier for many mosquito borne illnesses such as Zika and West Nile virus. Understanding their life cycle with help with your outdoor protection plan.

Moved into a new home and had pest issues inside and outside, Friendly Pest Control fixed the problem FAST and have kept the issue resolved for the last year. Their products are not noxious and nasty which is super important to us for our son and our dog, customer service is top notch and super friendly, can't say enough good things...

Dr. Porecki

Planet Friendly Pest Control is one of the most informed pest control companies I’ve ever worked with. Working in the Association Management Industry I’ve come across several. I love Planet Friendly’s eco-friendly approach. They’re incredibly innovative, think outside the box and will help you find solutions to pest problems you thought you’d never be able to cure. Their prices are highly competitive. I strongly recommend this company.

Megan Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you treat my entire yard for ticks?

Our tick treatment is very focused on targeting non-attached ticks and nymph stage ticks attached to mice. It is not necessary nor is it healthy to treat the entire yard. We have short video that explains our tick treatment in more detail.


Are the tick tubes safe for my pets?



I have mosquitoes, what can be done?

Solving mosquito issues are more complicated than simply spraying pesticides. There are times when an adulticide spray is needed to knock back a large population of adult mosquitoes. Or for short term relief for a specific event.  You can read more about our mosquito treatment philosophy here. If you have specific questions or needs regarding mosquitoes please feel free to call our office 800-990-0335.