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A locally owned and operated pest exterminator company uniquely focused on providing our clients with the very best in pest control, rodent extermination and termite control, while reducing the overall impact on the environment.

We are doing exterior treatments in Maryland and Virginia.  We are practicing strict social distancing standards.  If you have interior pest problems, please call for a free phone consultation with one of our experts.

These Are Our Most Popular Pest Control Services


Do you live in Southern Maryland or Northern Virginia? Enjoy a Bug Free Home all Season Long with only three treatments per year.

Do you live in Southern Maryland or Northern Virginia? Stay bug free with three treatments.

$150  $95 per treatment (Special Pricing)

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Aedes Albopictus – The Asian Tiger Mosquito

NO SPRAY Control.  Eliminate mosquitoes without poisoning your outdoor spaces!

Starting at $240

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Planet Friendly Pest Control Rodent Control

Stay Healthy and damage free. That pesky mouse is more dangerous than you think.

Starting at $230 

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Termite Soldier

Termites cause devastating damage to a home.  We eliminate them.

Variable Pricing

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Brown Dog Tick

Keep your family and pets safe from ticks when you play outside with two treatments per year.

Starting at $85

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We are a Premier Eco-Friendly Pest Control, Rodent Exterminator & Termite Treatment Choice for the “planet friendly” minded residents of Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.

Spend three minutes with Gene as he shares three reasons why you should consider using Planet Friendly Pest Control.

Three Reasons Homeowners in Northern Virginia & Southern Maryland Choose Planet Friendly Pest Control.

Hi, I’m Gene Wright. And I’d like to tell you a little bit about my company Planet Friendly Pest Control.

Well, first off I’d like to thank you for watching this video. And I’d also like to say that we live and survive on referrals, so anybody you can think of who might want to see this please feel free to share it with them.

We are a full-service pest control company and we are committed to using the least amount of product, the safest products, in the most planet-friendly way to give each of our clients a bug-free home. Here are three reasons why we think you should consider Planet Friendly Pest Control.

Number one, we have found that once a pest problem has been solved a home can generally be kept bug-free with only three exterior treatments per year and no interior treatments. This has enabled us to apply on average 25% to 60% less pest control products than our competition.

Many of our competitors apply four to six exterior treatments plus monthly interior treatments, that’s a lot of pesticide. Also, we are extremely selective with the products we use and how and where they are applied. We are very focused on protecting beneficial pollinators like butterflies and honey bees as well as songbirds. In short, fewer treatments per year equal less pest control products in and around your home and landscape, better for you, your family, your pets, and definitely better for the environment.

Number two, we do not require year-long service agreements and we guarantee our service with results. Our philosophy is if we provide
a good service our customers will stay. One of the largest complaints we hear from homeowners about our industry is that they
were forced by contract to spend hundreds of dollars on a pest control service they were unhappy with. The quality of our service
keeps customers not contracts.

Number three, results win. We provide complete pest control solutions. Often, in order to solve a pest problem, it requires much more than just applying pest control products. Before we apply any products we inspect and identify food sources, access points, and areas of habitat
that should be dealt with as part of a permanent solution. Additionally, we inspect and provide a written report for each customer’s
property three times a year, once at each service visit. This provides an added layer of protection by helping customers address issues
before they become new problems.

That was a quick overview of how Planet Friendly Pest Control does business. Please give us a call or visit our website for more information.

Our Planet Friendly Pest Control Philosophy

Before applying any treatment, we perform a comprehensive inspection. This allows us to point out areas conducive to insect infestation and suggest solutions. (Often, pest problem areas can be remedied without the use of insecticide products.) Based on our observations, we will prescribe a custom treatment for each individual home. Our goal is to use the least amount of pest management products in and around the home as possible to solve a problem.

This process allows us to significantly reduce the amount of pest control  products applied.

eco friendly exterminator for home owners in Maryland and Virginia

Important questions for the residents of Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia

When you hire a pest control company ask yourself these questions. “Am I having my problem solved with the smallest impact on my home’s environment?” or  “Am I being ‘sold’ a service to generate maximum revenue for the pest mangement company?”   There’s a difference. Read on to learn more.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control - Two Important Questions to Ask

There are two, very important questions to ask if you want environmentally conscious pest control. These questions are, “Am I having my problem solved with the smallest impact on my home’s environment?” and “Am I being ‘sold’ a service to generate maximum revenue for the pest control company?”. Here are the answers to those questions and why Planet Friendly Pest Control is THE best choice for residents in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia.


The idea of creating a “sterile-environment ” around your home devoid of any insect life is a bad idea for your family, pets and the environment. It’s certainly not environmentally conscious pest control. Spraying your entire property because you see one wasp land on a deck rail to collect a droplet of morning dew is a bad idea. The reality is that most insects play some beneficial role within our world, but problems can arise when the human and pest worlds merge. A lot of the pest control products available just about everywhere can ravage the environment and leave behind nasty toxins. These chemicals continue producing toxic effects on the environment well after they’ve been dispersed, too. Smart, eco-friendly pest control is about finding a balance.


Planet Friendly Pest Control professionals understand these issues as well as the biology and ecology of our specific area. How and when pest control products are applied dramatically affects the outcome and subsequent environmental consequences. We have spent years defining for our clients what the minimum amount of treatment is needed to responsibly maintain a healthy, pest-free environment. We always investigate non-pesticide solutions. This distinguishes us from others who’s goal is to come out and treat your home as many times as possible. The majority of pests that cause issues in and around the home come from the outside. We have found that we can treat the exterior a few times each year and we rarely need to treat the interior of a structure. (Exceptions would include roaches and bed bugs).


We offer many types of eco-friendly pest control services. One of these is our low-impact perimeter protection plan. This gives you a bug-free home by keeping pests outside.  We also offer pest control services for rodents. Here, we provide a complete inspection of your property and set up stations to not only handle rodent problems but ticket problems too. Lastly, we are well experienced with termite treatment. Our thorough inspection will discover the root of the problem and take fast measures to protect your home from the devastating effects of termites.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with eco-friendly pest control treatments today! Call us at 800-990-0335 if you live in Southern Maryland ( Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, Calvert or Charles County) or Northern Virginia ( Alexandria, Arlington, Annandale, McLean and more ) and suspect a troubling pest problem. Thanks for watching, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments and press that like and subscribe button while you’re at it.

BEST I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! Friendly, respectful, and prompt with great customer service! I ask for some urgent help with a wasp issue, they made time in their schedule to help me despite it not being a normal work day. I understand this is a big ask for a company to bring someone in on their day off, and I thank you very much for such prompt service. The pests continued to show up for a couple of days, it was due to a nest I didn't know existed. After I found a new nest in an out building, they were able to come back in less than 36 hours to treat the new found nest. Since, every morning I have found a dead bug on the porch. This company knows their stuff and their formula works great and continues to work! It is similar to the formula used for flea and tick medications for pets. So after it dries it is safe for your pets to be around too!


Moved into a new home and had pest issues inside and outside, Friendly Pest Control fixed the problem FAST and have kept the issue resolved for the last year. Their products are not noxious and nasty which is super important to us for our son and our dog, customer service is top notch and super friendly, can't say enough good things...

Dr. Porecki

I highly recommend using Planet Friendly Pest Control. Making an appointment is seamless and the service technicians are punctual. I am very please with the overall services. The product works great. I am a customer who have dogs and have not seen any negative side effects from the products, I have been using this company now for two summers.

Chris B.

Planet Friendly Pest Control is one of the most informed pest control companies I’ve ever worked with. Working in the Association Management Industry I’ve come across several. I love Planet Friendly’s eco-friendly approach. They’re incredibly innovative, think outside the box and will help you find solutions to pest problems you thought you’d never be able to cure. Their prices are highly competitive. I strongly recommend this company.

Megan Q.