Did you know that some millipedes have upwards of 750 legs? It’s no wonder you don’t want them in your house!

If you live in Southern Maryland or Northern Virginia and keep finding millipedes invading your home, then you’re wondering why they keep coming inside. To start with, it’s best to learn how they’re accessing your house so you can prevent these intruders from returning. 

Keep reading to answer your question, “Why is there a millipede in my house?” and to learn how to keep them out, once and for all. 

Millipedes Explained

First, it’s best to understand what a millipede is. They’re usually no bigger than two inches long and can have as many as 750 legs. However, they have no more than 400 legs on average. 

Even though they have an overwhelming amount of legs, they move slowly. When they sense a threat, they roll into a ball or coil.

Regardless of their speed, you don’t want them in your house. So where are they coming from and why do you see millipedes in home basements?

Why Do Millipedes Enter a House?

Millipedes love damp areas, making your basement, crawl space, garage, and laundry room prime real estate. They live outdoors in mulch, flower beds, and under rocks. However, they’re drawn out by excessive weather conditions such as drought, lots of rain, and cold weather.

This is when you see millipedes infiltrate your home. The good news is they don’t bite and won’t eat your food, but that doesn’t mean you want to live with them.

If you keep your trash in the garage, odds are that millipedes are living close by, with more chances to enter your home. 

So how are they gaining access to your house in the first place?

How Millipedes Gain Entrance

It’s impossible to seal off every crack and crevice inside and outside your home. As a result, millipedes and other insects make their way inside. 

Since millipedes like garages, they may enter when you open the door or find an opening in a door jam. 

Although millipedes and other bugs can enter your house through hidden cracks and openings, it’s important to ensure screens are in good condition without any visible holes, and doors are closed or have proper weather stripping. 

Aim to keep the foundation of your home as dry as possible, with downspouts channeling water away from the base of your house to help prevent millipedes from entering your home

Additionally, caulk around doors to close up any potential openings and ensure expansion joints are sealed.  

Pest Removal for All Your Needs

Whether the millipedes that enter your home have 400 or 750 legs, the fact remains the same: you don’t want millipedes in your house. Now that you know the answer to your question, “Why is there is a millipede in my house?”, you can call in professionals to handle any pest related issues.

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