How to Keep Insects out of Your House and Away from Your Pets

Wondering how to keep insects out of your house and away from your pets?

Insects and rodents are masters of squeezing into small spaces. It’s not difficult for them to find entryways into your home.

Your pet can also bring in pests from outside. Even a short venture into the backyard for a potty break can result in your pet bringing in stowaways.

Once inside, they can bite your pet, eat your pet’s food, and cause damage to your home’s structure.

Keep your pet and home safe with these tips for defending against pests.

Seal Up the Gaps

Bugs and rodents can squeeze into your home through very tiny gaps. Mice only need a nickel-sized hole to enter your home. Insects can get in through even smaller spaces.

Patch any gaps, cracks, or holes you find on your home’s exterior. Common spots for gaps include around windows, doors, foundations, roofs, vents, and holes where any cables or other utilities run into your home. Use caulk to seal those gaps.

Treat Your Yard

Treating the exterior of your home with environmentally pest control options can cut down on bugs entering your home. Keeping the treatments outdoors limits your family’s exposure to chemicals. It can also stop the begs before they ever reach you.

Minimize Standing Water

Eliminating standing water can help with backyard mosquito control. Mosquitos are attracted to stagnant water, which is where they breed.

Empty containers that collect water frequently. If you have a birdbath, clean it out and change the water frequently.

Clean Up Your Yard

All those fallen leaves, brush, and other things in your yard give pests the perfect spot to hide. When your pet ventures outdoors, he becomes an ideal target for those bugs.

Rake the leaves and pick up larger debris regularly. Trimming shrubs and trees can cut back on tick exposure. Don’t forget your gutters, which can collect leaves and may harbor bugs.

Treat Your Pet

Give your pet another layer of protection from outdoor pests with flea and tick treatments. Always check with your vet, choose a product designed for your pet, and follow the package instructions for safe use. Never treat your pet with products designed for people or yards.

Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning inside your home can get rid of insect eggs and larvae, which can prevent a massive pest infestation. Fleas are notorious for breeding in your home and continuing to bug your pet.

Wash pet beds regularly. Don’t forget your own bedding, especially if your pet sleeps with you. Vacuuming carpeted floors can also help remove insects and their eggs.

Put Away Pet Food

Pests enter homes for shelter and food. Your pet’s food could attract unwanted houseguests.

Avoid leaving open bags of pet food around your home. Pour it from the bag into an airtight container to not only keep it fresher but also to minimize attracting pests.

Learn How to Keep Insects Out of Your House

Figuring out how to keep insects out of your house areas isn’t difficult with some preventative measures. Physical barriers and treatment options cut down on the risk of pests entering your home and bugging your pets. Keep our planet-friendly outdoor protection in mind to protect your home and pets from pests.

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