Pest control should be a priority for every homeowner in Southern Mayland and Northern Virginia. Our increasingly warm summers and milder winters can allow for pests to infiltrate homes throughout the year. 

Mice can be one of the most troublesome pests to deal with. Mice love to build nests in home insulation, can chew on wires and other important household objects, and carry a lot of viruses and bacteria

Don’t make your home inviting to mice. Take a little time to learn what attracts mice so you can avoid having a pest problem.


Mice love being warm even during the hottest days of summer. Your home may have the AC on blast, but there are still plenty of warm spots that would appeal to the average mouse. It also isn’t uncommon for some people to notice signs of mice in late fall once the temperatures start to drop. 

Hot water heaters are very popular nesting spots for mice. They provide a steady source of heat and they’re usually located in out of the way places like basement corners. 

Available Water 

Do you have a pet at home? Their water bowl might be accidentally attracting pests. 

When most people think about pests that are attracted to water they usually think of roaches. The truth is that mice love water just as much as some bugs. 

If you suspect that mice are sneaking sips from your pet’s bowls, consider putting their water on a raised platform. Even just lifting the bowl off the ground a few inches can do a lot to help your pest control fight. 


Almost every pest that comes into your home is looking for food, and mice are no different. Mice aren’t picky eaters and don’t require a lot of food or water each day. A few spilled grains or a messy kitchen floor can feed some mice for days.

It’s also important to remember that mice don’t necessarily have to live off of the food that we eat. Paper, cardboard, and even electrical wiring can be tasty snacks for mice.


People heavily associate mice and rats with garbage, but they make the mistake of also not seeing general clutter as attractive to mice. Clutter can cause a lot of issues, and pests are one of them. 

A house messy house is a mouse’s dream home. Clutter like blankets, clothing, paper, and cardboard can feed mice for a while. The clutter also makes it easy for mice to hide and nest. 

Cracks and Openings 

Mice rarely get into your home walking through the front or back door. If you find mice in the house, you can safely assume that you have a few small and hard to see entryways in your home.

Cracks and openings in walls are popular ways for mice to enter homes, some may even come in underneath doors. It’s important to keep in mind that mice don’t need a lot of space to enter homes. They’re very good at squeezing through tight spaces.

Know What Attracts Mice and How to Stop Them

Once you know what attracts mice to your home it gets much easier to stop them.

You can take steps on your own to protect your home from mice, but nothing beats help from a professional exterminator. We’re here to help you manage all of your pest control needs. Be sure to contact us today so we can start protecting your home.

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