What You Need to Know About Environmentally Friendly Pest Control. Do you know how many bugs live in your home? Most people see the typical roaches, ants, and/or spiders. Humans have created an urban ecosystem for other organisms to survive alongside us.

A study on American homes found that they contain between 32 and 211 species of bugs. While not all of these are harmful, there are the usual suspects like bed bugs or cockroaches that can cause harm. You need to get rid of these safely and effectively.

Environmentally-friendly pest control is always a good choice to keep them out. If you’re not sure about these methods or unfamiliar with how it all works, we’re here to lay it out for you.

If you want to know more about environmentally friendly pest control, read on below:

What Is Environmentally Friendly Pest Control?

Insects and rodents are infamous for being unwelcome house guests. They don’t only bring destruction to your property. Most harmful pests like ticks come from rodents too.

If you’ve tried to use pesticides before, you know it has side effects that can cause a different kind of damage. Not only do they cause health problems but they can also damage other living organisms in the home. Your plants or pets may have suffered some of the toxic effects of pesticides.

Yet, some say without using strong pesticides, you can’t guarantee that all those household pests go away. Some would admit that it’s the bargain to be rid of those pests.

What if we tell you that there’s another option?

Environmentally-friendly pest control uses limited pest control products and carefully selects which products are used.  This process causes less damage to the environment and are lowers the toxicity threat to non-targeted organisms.

Eco Friendly Perimeter Pest Control

Eco Friendly Perimeter Pest Control

Why You Should Avoid Toxic Pesticides

Insect bites and stings cause around 90-100 deaths from anaphylaxis per year. These may come from pests inside and outside your house. However, toxic pesticides aren’t the answer to this problem.

The goal of using pesticides is to help you get rid of the parasitic relationship you have with these pests. However, in doing so, you might also get rid of the bugs that benefit you. Believe it or not, some bugs you find around your house act as pest control, too.

blanketing your property with commercial pesticides harms these harmless insects but also other living beings. If you have pets in the home, you’ll want to keep them out of it when an exterminator comes around. Even then, you can’t be sure if all the harmful chemicals of the pesticides are already gone.

When you’re exposed to a chemical long enough, you can start to feel its side effects. These include rashes, nausea, diarrhea, and stinging eyes. In the worst-case scenario, some pesticides can even cause blindness and death.

This is why you need to look into using safe and reduced pesticide practices in and around your home. If this is your first time looking for pest control services, avoid toxic pesticides, research the company and be sure to read customer reviews..

Things You Should Know About Environment-Safe Pest Control

Most natural, non-toxic pesticides don’t offer the same speed as toxic pesticides do. Some solutions aren’t powerful enough to have a lasting effect on an area.

Paired with strategic approaches, the success rate for natural pesticides increases. For example, spraying in the house is a good solution to get rid of the bugs in it. However, adding a house perimeter bug spray will kill any bugs waiting outside from entering.

Also, don’t be trigger-happy when it comes to killing off insects. Remember that not all bugs are harmful to your health. Some can be annoying but may not pose any risk at all.

You want to focus on disease-carrying and harmful insects like ants, spiders, ticks,  subterranean termites etc. Don’t waste your resources fighting beneficial insects.  You can keep many insects out of the house by changing the landscape to reduce habit, food sources and access to the home.

Why You Should Hire Planet Friendly Pest Control Services

We understand that prevention is the best course of action against house pests. For some anti-pest products, you need to spray them every 90 days. With our services, you only need three exterior treatments per year.

Our main goal is to use preventive strategies to drive pests away from your home. We’ll first look into the possible food and water sources pests will gather close to and eradicate them. Next, we take a look around the house perimeter for areas where pests can enter and close them off.

Our other goal is to control pests by applying the least amount of pest control products as few times as possible. The goal is to only treat the exterior perimeter of the house to keep pests out and not put any products on the inside.  We understand that sometimes a home has an interior infestation which may require some product on the inside. other than that we want to leave the interior of the home untouched.

For us, less is best.

This way, you can go about your day without having to worry about clearing the furniture. You don’t have to think about keeping your food from the pesticide either. Plus, with every visit, we’ll give you a report on our findings and possible solutions for them.

Enjoy a Bug-Free Home with Non-Toxic Solutions

You don’t need to use a ton of pest control products to enjoy a pest-free living space. More isn’t always the answer. Our services offer a solution with less use of products but still have the same effectiveness. This is why understanding what you need to know about environmentally friendly pest control goes a long way to helping you make the best pest control choices for your family.

Better yet, we use environmentally friendly pest control. This means your family, pets, and plants remain unharmed by any harsh chemicals.

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