There’s a lot to learn when you move to Maryland or Virginia.

Soon enough, you’ll learn that life in the southeast means you’ll have to deal with a handful of pests unique to this climate zone “” and the brown dog tick is one of them. 

You’ve heard of ticks before, of course. But you’re not familiar with this variety of tick and what you should do to prevent it from making your home into its home. 

Here’s all you need to know about the brown dog tick. 

What Do Brown Dog Ticks Look Like? 

Unlike other types of tick, the brown dog tick doesn’t have any markings that make it easy to spot. You just have the tick’s color to rely on “” as the name implies, they are a reddish-brown color. 

On top of that, brown dog ticks vary in size based on whether or not they’ve eaten. Unfed brown ticks measure in at about one-eighth of an inch. Fed females can be as large as a half-inch, while males tend to be slightly smaller. 

How Did I Get a Brown Dog Tick Infestation? 

The name “brown dog tick” gives a lot away about the insect. They’re brown, and they usually travel into homes by latching onto “” you guessed it “” dogs. Although they prefer canine hosts, the ticks will also attach themselves to cats. 

Either way, finding a grown dog tick on your pet can be tough unless you know where to find them. Adult ticks tend to stick to your pup’s ears or between their toes. Nymphs and larvae thrive on the animal’s back. 

Will a Brown Dog Tick Bite Me? 

Brown dog ticks prefer to feast on a canine or feline host. However, in the absence of a four-legged friend, they will bite humans, too. 

Chances get higher once brown dog ticks get indoors and start reproducing. As their population grows, they’ll spread to different hosts “” including you.

How Can I Get Rid of Brown Dog Ticks? 

The best way to get rid of brown dog ticks is to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. Start by bathing pets in proven anti-tick shampoos. Your vet can recommend further products and prescriptions that will protect your pup from ticks, too. 

Regular house-cleaning and vacuuming sessions can help you remove any lingering ticks. You can use tick-prevention products on the interior and exterior of your home, too. These will ensure that your abode is inhospitable to pests.

Call in the Experts to Deal With Brown Dog Ticks

Of course, you can hire a pest control service to help with your brown dog tick problem, too. We use environmentally friendly products to rid your home of uninvited insects, rodents and more.

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