There are over 20 quadrillion ants in the world. 

Although there are a lot, the last thing you want is for them to come into your house to move in as your roommates. But if this does happen, you probably want to know why they wanted to move into your home rather than staying outside.

Are you dealing with a sudden ant infestation? Read on to learn about some of the reasons this could be happening!

Changes in Weather

One of the biggest culprits of having an ant infestation is a sudden change in weather. For instance, if it starts to rain a lot or it suddenly becomes cold, ants do not want to be outside. This way, they will find a way to get inside. 

This is why it is more common to have an ant infestation at the change in seasons. Typically, they are more likely to head indoors when it gets extra cold or wet outside as well.

Properties With Easy Access

If your property is not properly sealed or proofed for pest control, ants will easily make their way into your home. If your property is easy to penetrate, you are more likely to have an infestation than just a single ant or two coming into your home at the same time.

They are most likely coming in through cracks in the foundation, random holes throughout the foundation, cracks in windows and doors, and through broken seals on windows and doors. 

If your home is a bit older, this may be a more common factor for having an ant infestation. It is important to have an inspection to seal any hidden cracks and holes in the foundation, windows, and doors.

Welcoming Conditions

If your home is full of food or crumbs, ants are going to want to make your home their home as well. 

If you don’t take the trash out often enough, or leave things open, you may find the ants navigating toward those areas. Ants also need water to survive, so if you have any pooling water, dripping faucets, or another source, they are more likely to congregate in those areas as well.

Why You Could Have an Ant Infestation 

Dealing with an ant infestation could be an extremely annoying and frustrating process. Not only do you need to kill the ants, but you need to keep them from coming back. They are also really little, which can make it difficult to find them and locate where they’re coming from. 

If you notice that you have more than just a few ants in your house, you do not want to wait longer. You should call pest control services right away. At Planet Friendly Pest Control, we want to help you have a bug-free home!  Do not hesitate to call us to get rid of the pesty ants you find in your house. 

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