In the United States, it is estimated that almost three-quarters of all homeowners engage in DIY solutions for pests. If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ll be dealing with an infestation during your lifetime, and nothing is worse than a pesky silverfish infestation.

Silverfish in Northern Virginia can cause massive inconveniences, but with proper steps, you can get back to the beautiful outdoors in no time! Continue reading to learn more about these unwanted guests and how to get rid of silverfish!

Signs of Silverfish

What are silverfish? They are thin creatures that appear silver or shiny brown and look like tiny fishes. Luckily, they are harmless to humans, but they can feed on food crumbs, papers, and clothes.

You may see them scurrying around your basement or notice new holes in your shirts. Other signs are small yellow dots, very tiny droppings, and discarded bodyshells

They have a fondness for areas with a lot of food or humidity, so be sure to check basements and your food containers. They also tend to breed quickly, so one sighting could mean a whole family of them!


Homes in Northern Virginia can be prone to silverfish due to its humid weather and massive nature presence. The geography of parks and rivers make excellent breeding grounds for these thin insects.

An infestation doesn’t mean an unkempt home, these opportunists find their way inside through small openings. They can also be introduced whenever you bring exterior things indoors.

Another reason why silverfish are in your home is that they love your food and bathrooms. They are also naturally attracted to your home as a habitat and love rotting outdoor plants like saturated leaves.

Prevention and Professional Solutions

Silverfish prevention can be as simple as sealing your home and checking items for silverfish before entering your house.

If cleanliness and humidity control don’t prevent them, you can try insecticides or natural repellants like cinnamon. Otherwise, if the infestation remains then you may need to try a professional service. They can not only rid your home of silverfish, but of other bugs that are roommates with them.

Services, like Planet Friendly Pest Control, can inspect your home and prevent them by using outdoor treatments. This is better than filling your home with unnecessary chemicals and is conscientious of the environment. They will even get rid of any spiderwebs stuck onto the outside of your house!

End Your Silverfish Infestation

A silverfish infestation can be annoying, but they don’t have to last long!

Our experienced team of technicians can rid your home of silverfish and other insects from termites to ticks! We are also mindful of the environment and your pets by using safe products and strategies.

If you live in Northern Virginia, we can help you in our service area from Alexandria to Springfield. Contact Planet Friendly Pest Control today for silverfish control or year-round protection!

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