Imagine this: you’re having a nice, peaceful time in your beautiful Virginia home. You couldn’t be happier, but then you see it. A spider is crawling across the wall.

You don’t want it to get away because then you don’t know where it is, but you don’t know what to do. That’s when the question hits you. What kills spiders?

Killing spiders is something a Virginia homeowner like yourself should be fluent in and that is why we’re here to help you out.

What Kills Spiders?

There a plenty of ways to exterminate your eight-legged foes. Killing them quickly, killing them passively, and even not killing them. We’ll cover it all.


If you want your spider problem to be over quickly, grab a tissue and crush it. Of course, if you’re one of the many with arachnophobia, it’ll take some mustering of courage. An easier way that will let you keep a good distance is the slam it with a shoe.

Surprisingly, your vacuum has a use other than keeping your Virginia home sparkling clean. Just turn it on and suck up the arachnid outlaw.

For The Pacifists

Perhaps you don’t want to actively kill the spider. You could be grossed out or you just don’t think it’s morally correct. In that case, just find yourself a cup.

Take the cup that you’ve found and place it over the spider. If you just leave the spider under the cup for 2-4 days, then it should eventually die from suffocation. If the spider is on the wall, place the cup over the spider, as you would, but this time slide a sturdy piece of paper, like some mail or a flyer, under the cup until the spider is on it.

This will let you set it down on the ground. Just remember to not remove the piece of paper or else you will have to hunt down this spider again.

Chemical Christmas

Of all the things chemicals can do, killing spiders is likely one of the best. If you have a can of Raid bug spray, as all Virginians should then give that spider a generous spray. It should keel over.

If you don’t have a can of Raid, then you can improvise with some hairspray. The spider won’t die immediately, but once that hairspray dries, it’s time to say goodbye to that multi-eyed intruder.

How To Prevent More Spiders

If you had the option between killing a spider occasionally or completely getting rid of them, you’ll likely pick the latter. We know all about preventing spiders in your home, and while it is the path for some, you should think about it.

However terrorizing and trauma-inducing these creatures can be, spiders can actually be very beneficial for your home and the environment. This is why it’s important that you make the decision carefully.

Spiders: Friends or Foes?

If you decide to kill some spiders every now and then, look over this article again to see what kills spiders in the best way for you. If you are dead-set on getting them out, we can provide you with a bug-free home with our green pest control services.

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