Ticks of any kind are a pest problem that no one wants to deal with, but what makes the Lone Star Tick different from other types? There are a few differences between this tick and other types of ticks that you should be aware of. 

If you’re dealing with Lone Star Ticks in Maryland, then it’s time to start doing some research. What does this type of tick look like? How does their behavior differ? 

How can they be prevented and treated? Are these some of the questions you’re seeking answers to? If so, continue reading below. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Lone Star Tick! 


The Lone Star Tick is a greyish-brown color. Females have a white dot in the center of their abdomen. Males have white stripes that border the top of their bodies. 

They’re sometimes confused with other species of ticks due to the male’s markings not being as noticeable as the female’s. Their size is about one-quarter of an inch. 

Habits and Behavior 

Lone Star Ticks can be found on the eastern side of the United States. They flourish in woodsy areas and fields. Homes that are located in rural areas are more prone to having these pests on their property. 

If found inside your home, you’ll need to check your pets as ticks will travel on dogs and cats. These ticks love wooded areas and water where mammals drink. Unlike other species that wait for a mammal to come to them, the Lone Star Tick is more aggressive and will seek out a host.


If you know ticks are in the area, then the best form of prevention is to stay away from that area. Otherwise, always were long sleeves, pants, and boots when hiking, camping, or traveling in areas where these ticks might be present. 

Place your socks over your pants and your pants inside your boots for more protection and consider wearing light-colored clothes, which will help you spot them more easily. Wear a hat and tuck long hair into it.

If you, your children, or your pets were in an area where ticks might be present, do a thorough check before entering your home. Wash all clothing in hot water with detergent as soon as possible.  


There are several diseases that can be spread from Lone Star Ticks. However, Lyme Disease is not one of them. Aside from possible diseases, you’re also now prone to developing a red meat allergy. 

Those bitten by these ticks also tend to suffer from a rash. Always see your doctor after being bit by a tick for the best course of action. 


The best solution for keeping ticks off your property and your family and pets is to contact a professional pest control service. The professionals will know how to eliminate ticks from your property and how to keep them away.

Working with a professional pest control company will give you peace of mind, knowing that the situation is handled correctly. 

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