Do you think ants are harmful to you and your family? Ants are more dangerous than you think. For example, 2% of fire ant stings result in allergic reactions that can be fatal.

This is why many homeowners turn to pest control to rid their homes of all ant species. Ant pest control is the best way to get rid of an existing infestation while preventing more ants from settling in your home in the future.

But there are some things you need to do before the pest control company comes in. If you’re in either Maryland or Virginia, here’s how to prepare for professional ant control.

Know Where You’ve Seen the Ants

Knowing where you’ve seen ants will be helpful to your pest control professional.

Note the exact rooms and areas of the room. Your pest control professional will likely be spraying for ants in the kitchen and bathroom, but it’s important to mention any additional rooms where you spotted ants.

You’ll also want to explain any measures you’ve taken to control the ants. This includes cleaning and other DIY pest control methods.

Move Furniture and Clean

Ants and other pests settle in areas where they can hide from you, such as in foundation walls. But they can also hide in corners, in between your furniture, and near your appliances.

Move any large furniture pieces and appliances away from the walls. Make sure no furniture or décor is in the way of the corners of your home.

Ants typically migrate to your kitchen, where they feed on crumbs. Clear out your cupboards and pantry. Clean your kitchen thoroughly. Try to clean as many crumbs as you can and wipe up any spills.

Pack Everything Up

Your pest control professional needs plenty of space to look for the ants and spray. That means you’ll have to pack up your home. You’ll want to pack up all kitchen utensils and dishes. Take out all toiletries and makeup from the bathroom.

In case the pest control service needs to access your room, you’ll want to remove clothes from the closets and drawers. Clean up all toys, décor, or anything else that’s on the floor.

If you have no time to pack everything up, cover everything with plastic wrap so the chemicals can’t touch your belongings.

Children and Pets Should Be Gone

Children and pets are very sensitive to the chemicals and scents of pest control products. The pest control service should come in while your children are at school.

In case the smell lingers, see if your children can stay at a family member’s or friend’s house.

It’s recommended you board pets overnight, so they’re not affected by the pest control products.

Are You Looking for Ant Pest Control in MD or VA?

Do you plan on hiring ant pest control soon? If so, you should prepare your home for the pest control experts.

Explain where you’ve seen the ants and what you’ve done to control the infestation. Move furniture away from the walls and pack all belongings so the pest control professionals can easily investigate and spray.

Children and pets also shouldn’t be in the home when pest control is working.

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