Carpenter bees are a species of bees that make their nests by making holes in the structural wood in homes and other buildings. These bees are drawn to wood decks, siding, treehouses, fences, and so on. 


They can be a real nuisance for homeowners. 

Yet you don’t have to resort to chemicals to keep these flying pests away. Read on to learn how to keep carpenter bees away naturally in Maryland and Virginia. 


Carpenter bees do not like loud noises. They are very sensitive to vibrations also.

You can make your space inhospitable to carpenter bees in Southern Maryland or Northern Virginia by playing loud music in your yard. Preferably, with a strong bass line.

If you have bees on the premises, do this to drive them out of their nests. Once the bees leave, you can plug the holes.

Seal Your Wood

Every spring, female carpenter bees go hunting for a home. They look for dead wood and are known to return to sites they used in the past. That’s why it’s vital for you to seal your wood if you’ve ever had a carpenter bee problem. 

As part of your fall yard maintenance, get into the habit of using wood putty to cover up any crevices, cracks, and holes in your wood. 

This also means you might have to repair the damage done by previous carpenter bees. You can soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and push it into the nest. Then seal off the opening and add wood putty.

This important process can help you enjoy a bug-free home all year. 

Use Citrus or Almond Oil

You can keep carpenter bees away naturally with the smell of citrus. They do not like the smell at all.

Either buy a spray at your local store or make your own by using essential oils in water. You can also boil citrus peels in water for a few hours.

Pour either into a spray bottle and voila! Be sure to spray all your wood every few days to keep your home protected.

Almond oil is also repelling for carpenter bees. Mix the almond oil with water to spray on wood.

Use Wood Preservatives

If your property has unfinished or unpainted wood, you need to take action right away.

Wood preservatives such as Borate makes wood impossible for wood-destroying insects to eat through. 

Make Them a Home ““ Far Away

Carpenter bees are an important pollinator for flowers and gardens. So you don’t actually want to eradicate them, you just want them far from your lawn furniture and patio.

If you want to live in peace with them, why not make a special place for them to live? It’s easy to install a carpenter bee house on the far end of your property.

These little homes have pre-drilled holes where the bees can nest without damaging your space.

Your garden will thank you! 

Keep Carpenter Bees Away Naturally

Thanks for reading! We hope these tips on how to keep carpenter bees away naturally will help you deal with the pesky pest. 

If you still can’t get rid of your carpenter bees, give us a call. We will be happy to give you a free pest control quote.

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