There are over 40,000 different species of spiders globally. Maryland has hundreds of different kinds within its territorial borders. Any type of species or combinations of them may be infesting your home or yard.

Learning how to control spiders before they get out of hand can improve the safety and comfort of your household. Indoor spiders can be a mental health burden for arachnophobic family members.

Outdoor spiders could be dangerous if they bite you. Whether you have spiders in the house or your yard, use this guide to learn how to manage them. That way you can get rid of spiders or at least control them.

Types of Deadly Spiders in Maryland

Finding spiders at home can be unnerving but identifying dangerous species should be your primary concern. That way you can determine what spiders are ok to leave and which ones you should control.

Black Widow

The Black Widow is the only poisonous spider indigenous to Maryland. These can be deadly and should be treated with caution. You should control these spiders whenever possible.

Make sure to contact a professional that specializes in creating a bug-free home first. That way you won’t be putting yourself at risk of a life-threatening bite.

Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse is not indigenous to Maryland. It has however piggybacked its way here and is a more rare yet possible presence in Maryland homes. This spider’s bite is also dangerous and you should mitigate them if seen.

Types of Non-Deadly Spiders in Maryland

Many types of non-deadly spiders may be in your Maryland home or garden. Some of these are dangerous while others are benign. That said, you should know a few.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are non-life-threatening but they can still deliver a painful bite. They also look very intimidating and can be scary for those that suffer from arachnophobia.

Non-Dangerous Spiders

There are tons of different kinds of non-dangerous spiders. These range from the common cobweb spinner to the jumping spider. Some of these should be mitigated while others should be left alone.

Knowing When to Control Spiders

If you identify some deadly or dangerous spiders around your home you need to mitigate them with a professional. You should also call a professional to identify any infestations.

A professional pest control service can identify when it is time to do it yourself, or whether you need their help. You should always call a knowledgeable individual to assess your spider situation before engaging it.

Methods of Controlling Spiders

Thorough house cleaning using a vacuum is one of your best methods of eliminating nuisance spiders around your home. Make sure to target the spider egg sacs to stop their proliferation.

Other D.I.Y. methods of spider reduction include removing clutter in and around your home. Also, cut back any abutting vegetation to deter the intrusion of new spider colonies. 

Going Further

Anything involving chemical treatment or other more invasive methods should be handled by a professional. Don’t attempt to control dangerous spiders by yourself especially if it is a major infestation.

Control Your Spiders Today

Spiders can be a major nuisance in and around your home. Know when to control spiders yourself, and when to call a professional. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation.

If you notice deadly, dangerous, or numerous spiders in and around your home contact us today. We service both southern Maryland and northern Virginia areas.

If you live there we can identify and control your spider problems. That way you can get back to your bug-free home.

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