According to the CDC, rodents spread over 35 diseases. Knowing the best rodent control strategies will keep you safe from harm in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Diseases from rats and mice spread through making contact with their feces, saliva, or urine. Rodent bites also spread them. Even making contact with the infected ticks, fleas, or mites could infect you.

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary. You deserve to live in a rodent-free home. Here at Planet Friendly Pest Control. we want to keep you safe and educated.

Here are the best rodent control methods:

Clean and Seal Your Home Up

The most common rodent pests in Maryland are the house mouse, Norway rat, and root rat. All of them are attracted to unsanitary environments. Think of cleaning as preventative rodent control.

Regularly decluttering and organizing your space hinders rodents’ ability to settle down in your home. Go out of your way to keep your home free of clothing piles and garbage (especially on the floor).

Sealing up certain holes and eaves stops rodents from entering homes. Pay attention to the breaks and crevices closest to the rodent activity. If this isn’t enough (and it usually isn’t), consider this next tip:

Peppermint Oil

The best DIY rodent control is using peppermint oil as a natural mice repellent. Placing just a few drops in your doorways keeps mice away. It also makes your home smell minty fresh, which hides the offensive odor rodents bring.

Additionally, burn peppermint oil in a diffuser. Filling up a room with the scent of peppermint oil deters mice just a little bit more.

Rodent Control Technology

The best rodent control tactics are eco-friendly. Rodent control technology uses ultrasonic sound waves to repel rodents. Rodents can’t stand the sound/frequency, so it encourages them to leave an area.

Some rodent control devices also include LED lights to further discourage rodents from invading your space. The sound/light combination startles rodents into fleeing.

These sound waves don’t disturb pets or humans, but they also don’t travel through walls. You’ll need to place a device in each infested area. If that doesn’t help, here’s your last resort:

The Best Rodent Control Is Professional

Fixing a rodent infestation either requires spending your own time and energy or someone else’s. Paying professionals ensures you get the job done properly the first time. After all, it only takes a minor mistake to spoil all your hard work.

The best rodent control company is experienced. Only experienced professionals can fully assess your situation and come up with specialized solutions for controlling rodent infestations. The experienced professionals at Planet Friendly Pest Control believe in providing the best natural rodent control at an affordable price.

Evict Those Rodents From Your Home For Good

About 37% of Americans have seen a rodent in their home within the last year. If this is you, you or someone near you has a rodent infestation.

Sometimes, the best rodent control is getting a cat. Simply having a cat around scares away rodents and mice. If you’ve tried all of the above methods and a cat still doesn’t help, then professional help is necessary.

Get a professional solution in Maryland and Northern Virginia””learn more about rodent control and what we do best. It’ll make your home a happier place.


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