What do you do first when you see a pest bug in your home? You probably squash it and call an exterminator!

But if the pest you’re dealing with is a stink bug, you may not want to start the extermination process with a squash. True to its name, a stink bug will leave an unpleasant order after it’s been scared or squashed. That smell can last and make your home unpleasant to be in. 

So how do you deal with stink bugs? You’ll need the best deterrent for stink bugs so that the problem is dealt with before you even get to the question of “to squash or not to squash?” 

Let’s first look at the origin of stinkbugs in the U.S. to better understand why they’re a pest and how to handle them.

What Is a Stink Bug?

While there are small numbers of native green stink bugs in the U.S., the brown marmorated stink bug is a highly invasive species that has been identified in 47 states in the U.S. since first arriving in Pennsylvania in 2001. 

They were native to Asia but may have traveled to the U.S. on a shipping crate. Since their arrival, they have become a major threat to agriculture by eating several different parts and stages of plant life. But most people experience them as a nuisance in the home because of their large numbers and unpleasant smell. 

The good news is that the smell does not actually attract more stink bugs. That is a myth that has been perpetuated by their large numbers, tendency to arrive in groups, and a different pheromone they release to attract more stink bugs to the area. This particular smell is not detectable by humans.

Deterrent for Stink Bugs

If you have a major infestation, you should call in pest control to get rid of stink bugs, but hopefully, you can avoid that circumstance in the first place. These deterrents won’t help you get rid of a major infestation, but they can be used for stink bug control if you know them to be a problem in your area.

Seal Your Home

If you remove options for stink bugs to enter your home through, they have no choice but to stay away. Make sure areas around air conditioners, windows, doors, and vents are tightly sealed against the elements. Even small cracks can invite stink bugs in.

Ward Off With Garlic

Every few days, spray your door frames and window sills with a combination of warm water and garlic. The scent may be effective in warding off stink bugs.

Try Essential Oils

If you don’t like the smell of garlic you can use a mixture of water and essential oils instead. Try eucalyptus, lemon, or mint. The strong smell may not kill stink bugs, but it can keep them away and provide a nicer scent for your home.

Plant Smelly Plants

Some people have planted gardens to help keep stink bugs away. With a garden, you don’t have to worry about the daily upkeep with a spray bottle. Plant mint, lavender, hot peppers, catnip around your other plants to deter stink bugs from your garden and home.

Keeping the Stink Bugs Away

The best treatment for stink bugs is prevention. With the right deterrent for stink bugs, you can keep them out of your home without ever having to worry about how to kill them. 

However, if you’re already dealing with a stink bug problem, you should contact us today so we can handle it for you!

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