In the United States, rodents account for more than $19 billion in damages every year. 

Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia are no exception to this. In order to stop them from damaging your home, wiring, or even agriculture, what do mice hate the most? 

There are a lot of things people try to use to prevent mice infestation. There are even all-natural mouse repellent substances that can help you. If you find that you have already been invaded, however, professional rodent control may be required. 

Read on to learn how to repel mice from your home.

What Do Mice Hate the Most?

Natural mouse repellents that work can be an important first line of defense against invasion. Substances like peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, cloves, black pepper are all great against mice. If you’ve had trouble in the past with mice, you should take steps to prevent additional entry. 

What Smell Do Mice Hate the Most? 

Peppermint oil is a particularly effective way of keeping mice away. If you live in the northern Virginia or southern Maryland area you may be wondering how to use peppermint oil as a natural mouse repellent? The best way is to soak cotton balls with the oil. 

Whether you choose to use peppermint oil or cayenne powder, for instance, the process is the same. Once the cotton ball is soaked in the substance, you lay out the cotton balls around where you have had mice trouble before. The smell is what helps to repel the mice. 

Where to Put Natural Mouse Repellent?

The best place to put the repellant is in an area where you’ve had trouble before. Other areas that are important are places where a mouse may seek to enter your home. Creating a barrier against infestation is the best way to protect your home from rodents that want to come in and damage it. 

What If the Repellent Fails? 

What mice hate the most is not just natural repellants, there are other avenues you can try. One problem with peppermint oil and other natural smell-based repellants is that the cotton ball will dry out. If you don’t replace them often, it can leave gaps in the defenses of your home that a mouse will exploit.

When this happens, you need to turn to someone you can trust to get rid of the rodents. In northern Virginia and southern Maryland, Planet Friendly Pest Control is here to help you. We can get rid of the mice that are plaguing your house, even if your natural repellents have failed. 

Mice Are No Laughing Matter

Don’t risk the damage that rodents can cause to your home. What do mice hate the most in terms of do it yourself repellents might not be enough for your situation. 

If you fail to get the mice out of your house, they will cause damage. Save yourself money, stress, and a lot of headaches by getting rid of them fast. Let us help you. 

Contact us at Planet Friendly Pest Control if you are in the northern Virginia or southern Maryland area, so we can help protect your home.

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