The number of incidents involving tick-borne diseases is on the rise in the United States. Whether it’s Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, or tularemia, these tiny parasites can introduce life-threatening illnesses into your communities and homes.

Unfortunately, as a resident of Virginia or Maryland, living alongside ticks that thrive in these southeastern climate zones is inevitable.

Luckily, thanks to eco-conscious extermination technology, you don’t have to live in constant fear for your pets, children, or home. You don’t even have to risk the safety of your yard by spraying chemicals.

Tick control can be an easy, efficient way to protect the ones you love most and keep bloodsucking pests at bay. Here are our tips when it comes to tick-proofing your yard.

Mow Often

You might be putting off moving your Virginia or Maryland lawn, but here’s why you shouldn’t. 

Ticks thrive in tall grass. The high blades cast shadows on the earth, blocking out sunlight and creating a cooler environment. Shaded areas allows ticks to rest and breed with the females laying thousands of eggs during the spring season.

It’s advised to keep your grass trimmed to a modest 3 inches to discourage the invasion of ticks common to the southeastern U.S. like the Lone Star or the American Dog.

Also, remember to keep your yard free from weeds. Tall weeds are a tick’s ideal vantage point when it comes to latching onto passing animals.

Use Mulch as a Deterrent 

Most tick species thrive in thick woods or areas with heavy overgrowth. If either of these areas is within walking distance of your yard, you should lay a “mulch moat” as a sort of barrier between your home and these ecosystems.

Line the threatened perimeter of your yard with a layer of mulch about 3-feet wide. During prime tick season, when the pests are on the move, the wood chips will heat up in the sun and deter ticks from traveling across them.

Remove Potential Tick Habitats

Your yard could potentially be hosting the perfect habitat and breeding ground for ticks.

In states like Virginia and Maryland, you’ll want to bag grass clippings that rest on your yard after you mow. You’ll also want to blow any leaves or other plant debris into a pile and bag that, too. 

Why? Plant debris can serve as a tick’s paradise. It’s imperative that you keep your lawn clear to dissuade ticks from moving in.

Hire the Pros

When it comes to eradicating ticks from your property, there’s only one way to be sure your family is completely protected.

At Planet Friendly Pest Control, our premium tick control services work with nature (not against it!) to eliminate these disease-carrying parasites from your yard.

The removal process is environmentally-conscious, pet-friendly, and fast. Don’t waste your time with toxic chemicals or a tick killer that harms your plants and grass and let us get the job done right.

Protect Your Home With Tick Control Today

With Virginia and Maryland notorious for being highly-populated with a variety of tick species, it’s crucial that you arm your yard with tick control. Now, you can preserve the health of your pets and children without negatively impacting the planet!

Join our countless happy customers and contact us to learn how we can keep your family and home disease-free.

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