Picking apples from your own backyard makes the process of baking with your loved ones that much more special.

If you’re noticing that some leaves on your backyard fruits and trees have stipples or pale spots, it’s possible that you could have a thrip infestation. Thrips bite, pierce and suck the life out of flowers, fruits, and other plants.

In order to understand how to treat and get rid of thrips in Charles, Calvert St. Mary’s, and Anne Arundel counties, we’ll break down what taming a thrips infestation entails.

Identifying Thrips

Thrips are about 1 mm in size, nearly microscopic. Donning fringed wings, they feed by sucking the life out of leaves and flowers. The cell contents of its meal help the population feed and reproduce. With the ability to foster multiple generations per year, their population size increases rapidly.

This of course puts your plants, trees, and other crops at risk of damage. You may notice pale spots in black feces throughout the leaves of your trees and shrubs. This is a key detail in identifying trips from aphids who do not leave feces behind.

Identifying the thrips is the first step in actively removing them. You can absolutely begin to pull weeds and prune, but understand that thrips will lay eggs in the small slits of green foliage. It will be difficult to predict which plants they’re currently living in, making it harder for the average person to know which pesticides are safe and effective.


In order to eradicate thrips completely, connecting with your local, eco-conscious pest control organization is ideal. Because of the volume at which thrips reproduce and destroy, you might find it difficult to manage on your own with limited resources.

You would hire a contractor to facilitate remodeling your home. He would hire a mechanic to fix your transmission. And hiring support for pest control is the best call when it comes to trips. Knowing that a professional is addressing this concern and help you foster confidence in your ability to navigate something like this in the future.

Having that support should be your first line of defense as it doubles as a prevention practice. If this is your first time dealing with a thrips infestation, you’re going to be happy that you chose to ask for help instead of battling it on your own.

With exceptional pest control on your side, you’re freed up to make sure that the rest of your growing season is set up for success. And with a little support, you’ll be back to baking apple-based pastries for your family to enjoy.

Easy Does It

There’s nothing like spending an afternoon in the garden with friends and family, picking and tasting the fruits of your labor. 

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