Did you know that oaks can live for decades and sometimes for over half a millennium?

If you have one or more glorious oaks on your property, then it’s important to protect them from danger, including sudden oak death disease.

Are you wondering what that is? Keep reading to learn all about sudden oak death in Southern Maryland and what you can do to prevent it.

1. What Is the Threat?

Are you asking yourself the question, “What is sudden oak death?” Put in the simplest terms, it’s a tree disease that’s caused by Phytophthora ramorum.

Despite its name, this microscopic pathogen can infect more than just oaks. They can also infect landscape plants, such as rhododendron, huckleberry, and bay laurel bushes.

2. Where Is the Threat?

You may be surprised to learn that this threat is relatively new compared to other tree threats. It was only introduced into the United States a few decades ago.

It came to California first but experts haven’t been able to determine the exact source of the pathogen.

3. Symptoms

When it comes to sudden oak death symptoms, you should take a look at the leaves. An infected tree will have leaves that turn a pale green at first. With time, they can turn yellow and finally brown before falling from the stems altogether.

You may also spot cankers on the trunk of the tree that ooze or even bleed like a wound. These cankers can also appear on branches and smaller stems.

4. What to Do About the Problem

If you’re sure about sudden oak death signs, then it’s time to act fast. You’ll be saddened to hear that there’s no cure for this disease but you can still treat the symptoms for as long as possible by using fungicide. You should also create barriers around the infected plants so that the pathogen doesn’t spread to your other trees and shrubbery.

Overall, it’s best to invest in professional sudden oak death prevention. Some great habits include disposing of plant debris to discourage fungal and pathogen proliferation, disposing of pathogen-hosting trees, and inspecting new plants with care. After all, buying an infected plant is one of the surest ways of introducing the pathogen to the rest of your green friends.

A professional can also protect your trees by coating them with fungicides and pesticides. This is the equivalent of giving them armor.

Are You Ready to Prevent Sudden Oak Death?

Now that you’ve learned all about sudden oak death, you can do your best to prevent it so that your oaks last for decades if not centuries. That way, your children, your children’s children, and others can enjoy the beauty of those trees.

Aside from being experts at pest control, we also take pride in offering the best tree and shrub care in the state. Once you have the pros on your side, bugs and plant ailments don’t stand a chance.

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