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Keep Mice on The Outside

Our rodent control program focuses on keeping rodents out of the home with the use of exterior bait stations along with interior treatments when necessary. We help to identify and provide recommendations to control food sources, habitat and access points.

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This service is the installation and set up of the exterior bait stations. After the initial installation there is a monthly fee of $70 to inspect and rebait the stations during seasons of rodent activity. The primary rodent season is November - March. For your convenience, your future monthly treatments will scheduled automatically by our office and you will be billed via email after each future treatment. You can then pay online or mail us a check.

There is also a additional fee for interior trapping. The interior trapping fee starts at $125.  Please refer to our rodent control service page on our website or give us a call with questions about these fees.

Once you purchase this service our office will contact you within the next business day to let you know of your service date.  Because this bait station installation service is on the exterior of the home no one needs to be there unless you would like to be.  If you need interior service, have any questions, or need immediate service please give us a call 800-990-0335

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