Annual Termite Warranty Renewal



The warranty is issued for the original structure treated against all active subterranean termite infestation.  This warranty is accompanied with an annual termite inspection whereby, should active infestation be located, all chemicals, labor and service involved in treatment of subterranean termites are provided at no cost to the customer.  This warranty may be renewed each year for an annual fee set by Planet Friendly Pest Control.


The following conditions will void this warranty unless the specified modifications are corrected and or additional treatment is applied as deemed necessary by Planet Friendly Pest Control.

  1. Failure to notify Planet Friendly Pest Control and have treated any additions of a room, patio, garage, shed, fencing or any other construction, as such, attached to the dwelling. The treatment for additions must be paid for by the owner of this warranty.
  2. Disturbing or removing the soil within 24 inches of a treated area.
  3. Wood or cellulose of any kind within 24 inches of the structure.


The following conditions will unconditionally and immediately void this warranty:

  1. Failure to renew the warranty.
  2. Termite treatment or chemicals for termites applied by anyone other than Planet Friendly Pest Control.

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