In an era where environmental concerns are as pressing as the need for effective pest control, Planet Friendly Pest Control has emerged as a leader with its innovative approach to mosquito management. In 2018 the company adopted the In2Care Mosquito Station, a trailblazer in non-spray mosquito treatment that boasts an impressive record of both efficacy and environmental safety.

A Revolutionary Approach

The In2Care Mosquito Station is not just another mosquito trap; it is a comprehensive solution that attracts and kills both larvae and adult Aedes and Culex mosquitoes. This system uses novel, green ingredients that ensure safety and effectiveness without the typical chemical fallout associated with traditional sprays.

Proven Efficacy

The effectiveness of the In2Care Mosquito Station isn’t just anecdotal; it’s backed by rigorous scientific validation. The system’s efficacy was first established in lab settings and detailed in a study published by the prestigious BMC, part of Springer Nature. This peer-reviewed validation underscores the system’s innovative approach to mosquito control.

Field validations further reinforce this data. In Trinidad, the IVCD (Insect Vector Control Division) of the Ministry of Health conducted extensive field tests, confirming the station’s effectiveness in real-world conditions. Moreover, the Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU) on the Cayman Islands carried out a large-scale trial that showcased the station’s ability to significantly reduce mosquito populations.

In the United States, the Manatee County Mosquito Abatement District in Florida performed efficacy validations crucial for EPA registration, affirming that the In2Care Mosquito Station meets stringent regulatory standards while providing effective mosquito control.

Impact on Mosquito Populations

One of the most compelling features of the In2Care Mosquito Station is its ability to impact mosquito populations not just within its immediate vicinity but also in the surrounding areas. This “beyond the station” effect means that installing these stations at strategic points can lead to a broader reduction in mosquito populations, enhancing community-wide pest control efforts.

Planet Friendly Pest Control’s Commitment

Planet Friendly Pest Control has successfully integrated the In2Care Mosquito Station into its pest management arsenal. By doing so, the company not only upholds its commitment to environmentally responsible practices but also provides its customers with a highly effective solution to mosquito problems. This dual focus on efficacy and sustainability is what sets Planet Friendly Pest Control apart in the pest control industry.


The success of Planet Friendly Pest Control with the In2Care Mosquito Station is a testament to the potential of innovative, environmentally friendly pest control solutions. As the company continues to implement this non-spray mosquito treatment, it sets a new standard for the industry, proving that effective pest control and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.


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