How to Keep Bugs Out of the House This Holiday Season

As the winter months start to creep up on us, so do critters, creatures, and bugs of all sorts. We want to keep bugs out of the house!  Our homes provide nature with all of the warmth and comfort they’re looking for during the cooler months. However, as welcoming as our homes might seem to these creepy crawlers, we don’t want them there.

Don’t let bugs find their way into your holiday treats. Keep bugs out of house this winter by following a few of our helpful tips. Continue reading below to learn more!

Ensure Windows Have Screens

Your first step in ensuring all bugs stay out of your house is to place screens on all of your windows. Without screens, bugs have a much easier time finding their way into your home. Look for screens that are 20-mesh or screens with even smaller holes, which will make it much harder for insects to get past. 

Doing so provides an extra barrier between the bugs outside and your warm home. 

Ensure Doors Are Sealed

Bugs also like to find ways to get into your home through your exterior doors. To prevent this from happening, be sure to seal all doors. Even the smallest of gaps between your exterior doors and the door frame is enough for an insect to get through.

When the door is closed, you want to make sure that there are no gaps and that there’s weatherstripping installed if needed. Another thing to be on the lookout for is cracks between the door frame and the walls of your home. Use caulking to seal up these spaces if needed as well. 

Ensure Yard Is Clean and Trees Are Trimmed

A clean yard will prevent bugs from nesting there. Bugs love to get cozy in mulch, leaves, and other organic debris. Clean your gutters as well to ensure there’s not a build-up of leaves and other debris in it. 

You should also trim all of your trees. If tree limbs are hanging over your house, this gives bugs a direct means of transportation to your home. Clean up your yard and trees, and you’ll notice a decrease in the number of insects. 

Ensure a Pet-Friendly Pest Control Team Is on Your Side

Doing these simple tasks yourself is a great way to help prevent insects from coming in. However, sometimes it’s too late or it’s just not enough. When this happens, you want to have a pet-friendly pest control team who is going to be there for you when needed.

Even if you don’t own pets, it’s ideal to have a company that’s pet-friendly as they’re more friendly for humans as well. 

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