You’ve confirmed that you have pests in your house. Bummer.

Now you’re probably wondering, how much will pest control cost? And, how often should pest control be done?  

The treatment schedule will vary widely, dependent on what type of pests you have, how bad the infestation is, and what stage of its life cycle the bugs are in.

To give you some idea of what this looks like, read on to learn a few factors that determine how often you’ll need pest control to maintain a bug-free home. 

Type of Pest

How often pest control happens depends on several factors, one of which is the type of pest you have.

Some insects are active year-round and will require frequent treatment until they are gone. Others appear only once a year in which case treatment will be less frequent.

Pests like termites invade your walls, or pretty much any wooden part of the home. Their tunnels are extensive and treatment can be difficult as their passageways are not always visible.

Only a professional can assess the situation and determine exactly how often you’ll need treatment””but you could be looking at a monthly treatment for 3-6 months. 

Level of Infestation

Another determining factor for when and why you need home pest control is the level of infestation.

If perhaps you brought a piece of termite infested furniture into your home and you caught it before they spread to another part of the house, then the infestation level is low, and treatment will be a one-time deal. 

Expect more frequent treatment if they have been munching away for years at the framework of your home. If that’s the case, schedule a yearly inspection following the treatment. 

Time of Year

Another factor in determining how often you need pest control is the time of year.

Pest activity tends to die down in the winter months here in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia, so treatments during this time will mainly be preventive before the spring. 

Conducting an inspection of your home will allow a pest control professional to determine what types of infestation you may have and enable treatment before they lay eggs and create more pests.

If something like yellow jackets or wasps have taken up residence under your eves, then the treatment schedule will look quite different than if you were to treat, say, termites. Yellowjackets nest during their yearly breeding cycle and that is when they are most active. In this case, a once a year treatment should suffice.

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done in My Home?

If you’re still wondering””How often should pest control be done?“”then it’s best to hire a professional for an in-depth inspection.

Only then will they be able to determine a treatment schedule based on all these variables.

Call us today to schedule your consultation and we will be happy to determine how often pest control needs to be done at your home. 

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