Did you know that around 15 million households in America report seeing rodents at least once every year?

Preventing mice is a lot easier than getting rid of them, but even the cleanest homeowners can deal with rodents at some point in their lives. If you have a suspicion that you’re sharing your home with unwelcome roommates, then you might be wondering what you can do to diagnose the issue.

Do you think your home could be infested with mice? Read on so you can understand some of the telltale signs that warrant a call to a pest control company.

You Hear Strange Noises at Night

One of the first signs of mice is that you hear weird scratching or scuttling noises at night. Rodents are nocturnal animals since they try their best to avoid getting caught by us.

If you’re awake in the evening, keep your ear out for unusual sounds. Scratching in your walls could mean that mice are setting up camp in your home.

You Spot Droppings

If you’re searching for undeniable proof that you have a rodent problem, then you should be on the lookout for rodent droppings. Rodents are one of the largest types of pests, so their droppings look like pellets.

Obviously you don’t want to leave droppings in your home, but it’s important to be careful when you clean. Mice droppings could expose you to hantavirus, so you must follow the CDC cleaning guidelines.

There’s Damage to Your Food or Home

It’s important to call rodent control if your home is getting damaged in any way. Mice scratch and bite through all kinds of materials to get to food, so you could find holes.

If food isn’t accessible to the mice, then they’ll try to eat their way through packaging and containers to get to your food. Scope out your kitchen to find signs of tampering.

There’s a Bad Smell You Can’t Place

Have you been keeping up with your cleaning routine but you keep smelling something funky? Your home could be soiled with mice urine or even dead mice if the infestation is large enough.

Cats are excellent hunters. If you have one as a pet, watch their behavior and see if they’re interested in a particular area since they could be hunting.

You’ve Found a Nest

The last major sign of mice infestation is finding a nest. Mice like to have cozy nests near their food sources, which means your kitchen will be the ideal spot.

Mice use materials like fabric, plant matter, paper, and anything soft and warm to build their nests.

Is Your Home Infested With Mice?

Learning that your home is infested with mice is an unsettling experience. However, diagnosing the problem will get you one step closer to eliminating them from your home.

Hiring a high-quality pest control company is the key to tackling a rodent issue as fast as possible. Contact us so you can book an appointment.

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