It’s estimated that more than 21 million homes across the country experience an unwanted rodent at some point. Knowing there was a pest, like a mouse,  making its way through your home and belongings can feel incredibly violating and concerning. 

Not to mention how unsanitary and dirty your home feels after finding a mouse. The quicker you get everything cleaned and sanitized, the quicker you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your spaces again. 

But how do you know if you’ve done a good job cleaning or not? Follow these house cleaning tips to make sure you’re fully covered after finding mice. 

Wear the Right Protective Gear

When you are cleaning a home after finding a mouse, the most important thing is to protect yourself and your family. There’s no telling where those mice have been and if they’ve brought any bacteria or illness into your home. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to these situations. 

Without question, you should be wearing gloves so you don’t get anything on your hands that can transfer to everything you touch after. It may also be a good idea to add safety glasses or a mask, depending on how serious the infestation was. 

Determine a Wide Area to Clean

Unfortunately, you can’t get away with only cleaning the areas where you actually saw or caught the mouse and have a healthy home.

They move around quickly and all over the place, it’s important to spread a wider net and clean anywhere they might have been. Getting help from your pest control professionals to determine where they came in can help you know where to start. Then you can make sure everything is heavily sanitized in those areas. 

Use Bleach and Sanitizing Chemicals

While doing this inspection, if you find signs that the mice were eating, leaving droppings, or urinating it’s important to use heavy cleaning chemicals to remove any trace of the rodent. 

Simply removing the mess on a surface level won’t be enough to eliminate the danger. Deep, thorough cleaning with bleach or other strong chemicals is a great way to make sure everything is truly removed from your home. It may take a few times cleaning to be sure you got everything as well. 

House Cleaning Tips After Seeing Mice

As you work through these house cleaning tips after you’ve gotten rid of the mice, you’ll start to feel like you’re in control of your home and surroundings again. You won’t always be wondering if there are lingering droppings or urine around every corner. 

This is also a great time to make sure an infestation doesn’t happen again and your house is as secure as possible against these types of pests. Working with a professional pest control company will help you develop a plan and implement all the measures it takes to make sure your house is sealed up tight. 

Our team has ample experience discovering and preventing pests, so we can help you through every step of the process. If you have any pest concerns you’d like addressed, contact us today! 

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