DIY pest control is a hot and controversial topic. Like so many tasks, there’s a particular section of homeowners who think that they can do anything a licensed professional can do. And the truth is, there are cases where all you need is a trip to the store and the right protective gear.

At the same time, the best DIY-ers always know when to call in the big guns and get expert help.

Are you wondering if you can get rid of bugs on your own, or if its time to call professional pest control? Here’s a quick guide to help you make the decision.

When is DIY Pest Control a Good Idea?

DIY pest control works fine when you have a small pest problem. Many of today’s store-bought products are capable of taking care of small nests of minor, hyper-local infestations. The instructions are on the label, and there’s plenty of guidance given by credible sources on the internet. Plus, the store-bought products only require easily-accessible personal protection equipment (PPE), which you will likely either have already or can easily buy at the store.

So, if you have one mouse or you spot a few ants, then a DIY solution could be just the ticket.

However, things become trickier if you have a full blow infestation or when you deal with particular breeds of pests. In these cases, you will likely spend less time, less money, and take less risk when you hire pest control services.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Pest Control?

There are real benefits associated with hiring professional pest control that go beyond convenience or the “gross” factor.

The most significant benefit is the expertise and expert equipment they offer. It may seem simple enough to buy a product at the store, but you may find you need additional and highly specific equipment, like a particular model of sprayer or spreader. Professionals also know how to measure the treatment area, which allows them to use enough product to be effective, without causing damage.

Another benefit of going the professional route is the ability to choose a service that has in-depth knowledge of green or planet-friendly products. For example, you may find products on the shelves that claim to be organic, but the active ingredients aren’t very useful – or worse, they cause harm. Professional services can choose planet-friendly methods that meet the demands of the job without taking additional risk.

And of course, professional services are best equipped to deal with complex tasks or large infestations in ways that a DIY product can’t cope with. So, choosing a professional pest control service the first time around saves you time, money, and cuts down on the number of days you need to live with pests.

Get to Know Your Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland Pest Control Professionals

You don’t need to call pest control for one mouse or the occasional spider. Very often, you can take care of those problems on your own – with the right equipment. However, when you’re dealing with infestations or tricky breeds of pests, it’s usually smart to call the pros right away.

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