There are over 7,000 different species of millipedes in the world, 1,400 of which you might encounter in your southern Maryland or northern Virginia home. 

These creepy crawlers have a hard, oftentimes shiny exterior, unlike the fuzzy (and cute) caterpillar. Between their dozens of legs and their quick gait, it’s no surprise that most homeowners find millipedes unsettling.

The question is, are millipedes in southern Maryland and northern Virginia dangerous?

Read on to find out more.

Should You Worry About the Millipedes in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia?

You walk into your kitchen at night and turn the overhead light on to discover a millipede crawling across the floor. What do you do? Is it dangerous in any way?

The reality is that millipedes, while creepy, are nonvenomous creatures and tend to be considered nonpoisonous, as well. They don’t bite or sting and all of those little legs won’t hurt if they touch your skin.

The only caveat is that some millipedes in the Mid-Atlantic have chemical defenses that can cause mild irritation. In some cases, these defenses involve emitting a pungent odor that is off-putting to predators. In others, these defenses involve secreting a fluid that can cause a bit of discomfort if it gets on your skin.

Because it is hard to tell the difference between millipede species, it’s best to assume that you’re dealing with one that has a few defense mechanisms up its sleeve. If you’re going to pick a millipede up to remove it from your home, we suggest that you wear disposable gloves.

After removing the gloves, wash your hands and wrists to ensure that no trace of the millipede is left behind. Any fluids that are harmful to the skin are going to be more harmful to your eyes, so don’t rub your eyes or touch your face until your hands are washed!

Keeping Millipedes Out of Your Home

Although millipedes are not dangerous, you probably don’t want them in your home. There are a few prevention techniques we recommend implementing to deter them from getting in or sticking around.

The first thing you’ll want to do is look for any points of entry and close them off. Millipedes will come in through cracks in your home, so pay close attention to your basement or crawlspace as well as the seals around your windows and doors. 

The second thing to do is remove the factors that make your home hospitable to millipedes. Get rid of any leaf litter from houseplants, old mulch or woodpiles near the exterior of your home, and any gunk in your gutters. You may also want to invest in a dehumidifier if you notice millipedes in steamy rooms, as they are drawn to areas with high humidity.

What to Do About a Millipede Infestation in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia

Do you keep spotting millipedes in your home? Although millipedes aren’t dangerous, it’s understandable to want them out!

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